• Madness at Magna

    Set 24 2007, 12h54

    Sat 22 Sep – Gatecrasher's 14th Birthday

    This was a great night. It took a while to actually work out how to get into the venue, but doing so was worth it. There were two rooms, but I ended up staying in the main room for the entire night, as Room 2 seemed a little small and the sets in the main room were great anyway.

    Filo and Perry kicked things off with a good set which include 'Smack My Bitch Up' and of course 'Anthem' which made the place go off. This was followed by Matt Hardwick's set, before Paul van Dyk took centre stage for three hours. It was an interesting set, which reminded me of the bits of his Global Gathering one I'd heard. For example, the same riff from 'Born Slippy' was in there. Quite a few classic rave tunes chucked in, and interestingly 'Wonderwall'. He seemed to drop 'For An Angel' a bit early and didn't seem to close on anything too big.

    He was followed by Judge Jules who played a better set that what I've heard before from him, and seemed to throw in some fairly current trance tunes with a bit of an electro edge. The night concluded with some harder stuff from John '00' Fleming who unfortunately wasn't allowed to play 'one more tune'...AnthemFor an AngelBulldozer