The 20 Greatest Judas Priest songs


Mai 28 2008, 6h41

I Love Judas Priest and I have for many years so I decided to make a list of what I think are their greatest songs are.

1. Run of the Mill (Rocka Rolla)

2. Dreamer Deceiver (Sad Wings of Destiny)

3. Beyond the Realms of Death (Stained Class)

4. Here Come the Tears (Sin After Sin)

5. Before the Dawn (Killing Machine)

6. Night Comes Down (Defenders of the Faith)

7. A Touch of Evil (Painkiller)

8. Dying to Meet You (Rocka Rolla)

9. Diamonds and Rust (Sin After Sin)

10. Victim of Changes (Sad Wings Of Destiny)

11. Saints in Hell (Stained Class)

12. Blood Red Skies (Ram It Down)

13. Deceiver (sad Wings Of Destiny)

14. Dissident Aggressor (sin After Sin)

15. Out in the Cold (Turbo)

16. The Sentinel (Defenders Of The Faith)

17. The Rage (British Steel)

18. Savage (stained Class)

19. Never Satisfied (Rocka Rolla)

20. Tyrant (Sad Wings Of Destiny)

Feel free to comment.

ps: No, I don't think Painkiller should be in the top 20, not even top 30.


  • SmellyStuff

    You sure do love your Priest ballads don't you?

    Mai 28 2008, 9h18
  • glassbottle

    SmellyStuff, they do have amazing ballads.

    Mai 29 2008, 0h44
  • jamieray

    roll on next friday!

    Jun 4 2008, 16h47
  • JacobSeraph

    heh, you should name it "Extremely Subjective List Of Judas Priest's Top 20 songs" ;P Ok, as much as I love "Run of the Mill" I hate "Out in the Cold"... No point in making suggestions, because it's your list, I mostly agree, though I'd place "The Sentinel" higher and replace "Out in the Cold" with "The Ripper"/"Love Bites"/"Stained Class"... damn, I just made a suggestion... Anyway, nice list.

    Jun 5 2008, 14h23
  • hangar19

    anyone looking to get into priest should not follow this list.:) Good songs alright, but not the Priest we all know. To each his own. Peace. Nightcrawler , Sinner , Between the hammer and the anvil , Hell bent for leather, Breaking the Law , Living After Midnight ??

    Jun 13 2008, 6h33
  • glassbottle


    Jun 14 2008, 20h58
  • valanx

    nice list! some great tracks there for sure!

    Jun 24 2008, 22h01
  • Anevski

    pfft? cunt.

    Jul 2 2008, 9h41
  • glassbottle

    I like all of those songs aswell though.

    Jul 6 2008, 16h58
  • iKvlt

    Painkiller isn't top 20 material it's top 5 asshole and if you've got to be shitting me with the excluding of classic Priest songs like The Ripper and including shit like Out In The Cold. Good job on completely ignoring entire albums like Screaming for Vengeance. Point Of Entry contains the essential Heading Out To The Highway. Run of the Mill #1? It's the best track on Rocka Rolla which is like picking the least harmful STD. Dying to meet you before Victim of Changes.. you've lost it.

    Set 2 2008, 22h38
  • glassbottle

    there is so many things wrong with what you said it isn't even worth arguing further.

    Set 3 2008, 5h09
  • BlackSabbath86

    A very good list, nice to see Rocka Rolla songs getting a mention.

    Set 12 2008, 13h09
  • glassbottle

    then what do you like?????

    Out 1 2008, 5h18
  • vdavis64

    as for the sin after sin selection, i would have chosen last rose of summer, also I dont see invader mentioned, one of my all time favorites, but thats the thing about priest, they have something for just about every taste in heavy metal.

    Ago 13 2009, 16h53
  • vdavis64

    If they hit your town this year i highly recommend their british steel anniversary tour...robs still at his best, and the concert was excellent overall...Id definitely travel to see it twice.

    Ago 13 2009, 17h04
  • Headbanger62695

    good list but i agree that im suprised someone would exclude all of screaming for vengance

    Ago 18 2009, 15h05
  • Irenicus_

    Although I would place a few higher or lower or exchange 1 oder 2, I pretty much agree with your list *thumps up*

    Nov 1 2009, 21h30
  • fatalportrait99

    No Ram It Down, Metal Meltdown, Between The Hammer And The Anvil, Love Bites, Freewheel Burning? :(

    Mar 1 2011, 20h35
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