Fev 20 2012, 1h38

A CXB7 Valentine’s Special mixed by Sacred Star
Stream/Download: http://official.fm/tracks/344993

Broadcast – Dead The Long Year
The Peach Tree – No Pain, No Gain
Mascara + The Present Moment – Stealer
Depeche Mode – Precious
Actually Wetlook – Tropical Winter
Ladytron – Runaway (Sacred Star’s Alien Abduction Mix)
Sacred Star – Evil Nation (#ACEOFSPACE)
Jewels of the Nile – Kiss Of Fire
Witchboy – ArtBitchZ
Tannhauser Gate – Little Sister
No Virgin – i wnt 2 luv u (but u luv crAK mor thn me)
Coco Carbomb – Mercury (Madame Curie)
My dead Eagle – Abyssian Limbs
Replikator – Control (Ft. Lily Raven)
zxz – Technocracy
Sacred Star – Gorey Box (#GLORYHOLE)
ADULT. – Hand To Phone (fauxmusica’s Blue York Mix)
Tears for Fears – Shout (#PARYLIKEITS2012MIX)
Garbage – Push It (Fauxmusica Mix)
Glow Sticks – Cassette 86
Sacred Star – Grey Area (#ICEBRR)
Ladytron – Another Breakfast With You
Geneva Jacuzzi – Bad Moods
Sacred Star – U.f.o. Invasion
The Tleilaxu Music Machine – Devil Fodder (Yorba’s Harkonnen Death Rave Mix)
zxz – No Pulse
The Present Moment – Cheap Thrills
Sacred Star – Machina Memoria (#NEXUS666)
Mater Suspira Vision – She’s On Drugs (Ft. Coco Carbomb)
Terminal Twilight – Air
Zoomonk + Zelig Concrete – Hiding Under Water
Sacred Star – Olde World Order (#2046)
Tash Willmore – We In Love
Ryli – Holding On
The Peach Tree – A Knife In The Sound
Sacred Star – Djs The Key Is In Yr Ged
zxz + Sacred Star – SUGAR (#WET-DAEM0NE55 M1X)
ADULT. – Kick In The Shin
zxz – Phantasma
HARUKI TAMESUE – Golden Arms (Fauxmusica Remix)
Sacred Star – S.S. Dreamship (#SAVEOURSHIP)

It seems like for years I've been obsessed with triangles, witchcraft, Qabbalah, Phillp K. Dick, Blade Runner, Twin Peaks, every aspect of , , or and a plethora of other works dealing with futuristic and psychic phenomenon that have made copyright status that could possibly enable a neo-gothic revival under the guise of a renaissance; Though, my efforts have been hindered by my own acts of piracey, sailing on junk-worthy sea vessels around Thailand and Malaysia for three and a half years, and stealing virtually any piece of software I absolutely needed but couldn't afford. Perhaps I haven't ever been a true music thief (I haven't used bittorrent for over 7 years as a primary way of aquiring music; youtube has proven much more effective, as no one desiring to be a career musician should have to steal entire discographies and back catalogues of music from influential artists to learn how to be creative), though it is a very very real pinch that us musicians of the are in being unable to sustain a way of life from our creative works while other forms of fine arts are still a very very real way to maintain a living; with skyrocketing rent arising from mass gentrification and insane food prices (out of desperation just last night I paid $6 for a street cart fallafel and small bottle of water in the Lower East Side of Manhattan) it's really hard to know who to blame. The current circumstances have evolved the industry into a small handful of libertines and real players and a google of would-be sluts, all creating #SLUTTYWAVES that they will give away for small pieces of bread or attention alone. This is a .

Blame the economy, blame your parents for not giving you $5,000 to tour Europe when Morr Music and Warp Records were interested in you when you were sixteen, blame Napster, blame TPB or Bram Cohen, blame Obama, or China, blame it on not being born in the UK or EU, blame Knapster01, blame your fans, blame booking agents or night clubs, blame the Internet, blame malls, blame Google and or Youtube, Myspace or Facebook, blame Apple or iTunes, blame copyright law, or trust fund hipsters, blame record labels, online magazines or paper ones; for heaven's sake blame anyone but yourself!

As I said it's a very tricky guise in this massively mutiplying universe for anyone to make a profit, including media titans like Sony, UMG or EMI. So why so serious? I honestly do not believe that Katy Perry sells any music to anyone over the age of 18. Though obviously I am in denial because I believe I sell atleast 2-3 mp3 albums a day on the escc9 bandcamp, though I have in reality sold zero.

Musicians and real artists may be socialist rats, unwilling to cooperate with existing traditions of conformity that allow third parties to profit from "Master Recordings" with rediculously outlined legal contracts that protect everyone's interest except their own. That probably will never change, which is why artists like Beyonce and Jay-Z will always rake in the cash (I interned for 3 days at Universal Music Group where to I saw an itemized list of expenses for a Jay-Z + Kanye West music video where Jay-Z paid himself 10k for two hours of overtime), approaching music more as a business model than an artform. That platform and business model may be "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" (50 Cent) but for the rest of us approaching music as an art and not a business model: we need to find some way to include ourself in the circle jerk of money that is the mainstream music industry, or we will be the products of our own flood and famine. Though from my personal reference point (as a communist rat who doesn't buy into the end game of capitalism like 50 cent) it isn't the media titans that should be paying out, it's the people actually making all the money: the ISPs and technology companies. Youtube, let alone Time Warner, or INTEL wouldn't see a profit if all of us creative types weren't developing their products (content) for them as third party non-contractors. Imagine if there were no videos on youtube, no websites on the internet, no data circulating the planet on laptop hard drives. Who would purchase the product or pay for the service?

So with all of these conflicting interests, what is the problem, and ultimately what is the solution? I'm not so self absorbed to believe I have all the answers, I only believe that artists of this day and age who move the boundaries of art and consciousness should not have to wait until death to profit or sustain life through their recordings. I know personally, I do all 17 jobs of the music industry, and make nothing but small tokens of respect from peers and endearing fans, though I still do not have any centralized reference point other than last.fm for onlookers to google and gaggle. Yes, it would help if last.fm paid artists who bring traffic to their site, though the media titans (CBS, ABC, FOX, SONY, VIVENDI/POLYDOR, WARNER BROS) may not really care how much money their "customers" actually help them obtain. Profit sharing in the digital age is still in it's infancy. And practically no where is anyone underwriting influential artists or bloggers who are pushing the boundaries and statistics of the digital age. Infact, if you ask insiders who work for the media "titans" and are in the know, you may actually generate a confession of youtube plays being artificially inflated by super severs the same way wall street stocks are "hacked" millisecond by millisecond, penny by penny, by the same machinery.

Whether you are from generation, W, X, Y, or Z: in 2012 you may not be able to sustain independently from royalties alone (unless you are as proflific as my long lost friend Bradford Cox, or the god of the 90s, Trent Reznor), unless your recordings have been in distribution for 10, 20, or 30 years. Then what is the answer for others, old faces and newcomers alike, as well as people like me who spend 1000's of hours per year perfecting their artform and helping others evolve the industry? The answer is quite simple: We don't know yet. That is why I am dedicating the strife of today, the flood, fire and famine of tomorrow, and the answers of future generations to the artists and musicians who have created the timeless utopia of LOS7 ▲NGLE55. Pushing creativity to the end of time for little to nothing at all. Enjoy the #SLUTWAVE: LOS7 ▲NGLE55 mixtape mixed by yours truly and please support my efforts by tithing on bandcamp: " Sine Screen " is availiable for $7.77. And " Tarotism " is availiable for $5.55 via http://escc9.bandcamp.com/ .

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Cabaret Voiltaire
Psychic TV
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or any other artist mentioned in this article
and probably many others


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