• go johnny!!!!

    Mai 20 2008, 14h15

    love me some Johnny Gill...In all of New Edition!!!
    tAlentEd FellA's!!!
    A HuGE FaN--4-SURE!!!!
    My *fav..if i had to narrow it..very hard.."fairweather friend" and "wrap my body"...the lyics-are smOkin'...!!!
    but love his songs....!!!
  • underrated like many others

    Mai 20 2008, 13h29

    Donell Jones
    i think Donell has the greatest CD's...i have 3 of them so far...
    i can listen to them back-to-back, without switching to the next song..that is only played on the radio..
    In todays music...most artist that sing...are ignored by radio...its up to us the tRue music-lovers to weed out the gimmicks and seek out the true soul singers...when i say soul..i mean not on the terms of just R&B but any type of music, that you can feel deep with-in and lyrically words that are relatible dealing with human reality..which is lost on many levels on radio, and iN thIs genEration...PERIOD!!!!