A short survey of the pop music of the fifties (years 1953-1956)


Abr 15 2008, 5h47

This article is a transcript of a radio program that I'm going to broadcast on May. (Continued)

1953 was still a year of . Here is a beautiful song, Doggie in the Window, that I like very much. However, the winds of change already blow, and the / are here. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) is a strange oriental mambo, which gained a great success.

1954 is the year of the changes. In January, a new style enters the charts, the, with Earth Angel. Later, in July, the song Rock Around the Clock appeared on the charts, and the revolution begun. On the other hand, bubble-gum songs like Little Things Mean a Lot, still dominated the pop music.

The next year (1955), saw the Rock'n'Roll on its way, like Dance With Me Henry. The doo-wop gained popularity too, like Only You.

In 1956, a new group of young artist appeared. On March, the King charted his first hit, Heartbreak Hotel, the first of a long series of hits. Other followed, like , who wrote and sang Blue Suede Shoes, and , singing Be-Bop-a-Lula.
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