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Mai 31 2007, 21h30

Hi to every game fan and others on Lastfm,

One of The greatest in the Hip Hop Business Jayceon Terrell Taylor also known by his stage name The Game plans to stop rhyming after the drop of his 3rd studio album.

Here´s the interview:

I can understand game´s aspects he reached all what he want but I think it will be a big lost for hip hop if such a great rapper stops rhyming. That´s my opinion.
If you are an other or the same opion than write a comment please.

A short discription of Game way to glory:
The Game was originally signed as an artist on Aftermath Entertainment, but Interscope Records CEO Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre decided to have The Game also work with 50 Cent and G-Unit. The arrangement was to help build a growing buzz around The Game which would also fuel interest in G-Unit. Since then he made numerous cameo appearances in music videos by 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Fabolous. Even at this early stage in his career, he was embroiled in rap feuds associated with G-Unit, including those with Joe Budden, Ja Rule, and Memphis Bleek. His first appearance on a single was on Jim Jones' "Certified Gangstas", before his own single "Westside Story" was released in 2004.

The original title of the album was Nigga Wit' An Attitude Volume 1 (as can be seen in the lyrics to "Dreams"), but an injunction filed at the request of Eazy-E's widow prevented him from using N.W.A.'s name in the album title. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent were executive producers on The Game's major label debut album, The Documentary, which spawned the hit singles "How We Do" and "Hate It or Love It" (the latter receiving 2 Grammy nominations).[18] The album debuted at number one on the Billboard music charts and was the tenth best selling album of 2005 in the United States. It also debuted at number 7 in the United Kingdom and sold over 5 million copies world wide.

Due to his disputes with 50 Cent, The Game left Aftermath Entertainment and signed with Geffen Records in order to terminate his contractual obligations with G-Unit in the summer of 2006. The rapper finished working on his sophomore album Doctor's Advocate, which was released on November 14, 2006. This album was set out by The Game to prove that he is able to make good music and be a successful artist without the help of Dr. Dre or 50 Cent. He is also working on getting his own label, The Black Wall Street Records, signed to a distribution label. While The Game originally claimed Dr. Dre would still do production work on the album in the November issue of XXL magazine, he admitted in September (after the XXL interview was conducted) during an interview on radio station Power 105 that Dr. Dre would not be producing any tracks on the album (although four previously unreleased tracks produced by Dr. Dre were released on the internet, but no reason was given as to why they weren't included on the album). The album debuted at number one in the U.S., selling over 358,000 copies its first week.

In May 2007, The Game said while filming Beef IV, that his tentitive third album would be his last.

From me a big thanks to Game to show the world where the Gangsters from "Compton". For bringing the West COAST Gangsta rap back to the top and for showing that you can do reach everything if you don´t give up.
And of course for his great tracks.

The Game WestCoast Giant Never Forget:

greetingz ghost06

The GameBlack Wall StreetDr. Dre


  • Since_1845

    He gonna get the butterfly back too? ;)

    Jun 4 2007, 17h18
  • teflon_hearted

    I think that the game didn't even come close to reaching his goal. he could still come out with a couple more solid albums. hes pretty sick.

    Jun 25 2007, 17h00
  • Cobbit

    I think that it's real bad for him as an artists to quit so early, I mean there's still so much he could do in hip hop. You see people like Masta Ace and PE still goin since the 80s, and Game's only been around like 3 or 4 years... He should stay on

    Jun 26 2007, 12h02
  • Cobbit


    Jun 26 2007, 12h02
  • ghostrider06

    Fa sure he should stay but he said it in the interview he will spend more time with his family. It´s a good reason but it´s a big lost for hip hop.

    Jun 27 2007, 9h06
  • Cobbit

    Hmm yeah.. He should take like a year off then come back

    Jun 28 2007, 21h54
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