Review: The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion


Jun 15 2009, 5h03

2009 is shaping into a great year for music: new Current 93, Silent Disorder, Cage, mewithoutYou, Malajube, Attila, P.O.S., The Decemberists, The Chariot, and dredg.

I love dredg, but when I heard they were coming out with another album I thought, "Hope it's not another Catch Without Arms" and when I saw the cover for The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion I thought, "God, I hope the music isn't as pretentious as the album cover." I mean, it looks kind of cool, and I like what it's saying, but the small captions on the stamp images feel a little too pithy.

That said, anyone looking for weird or different music will probably eat this shit up. Of course, some of them will vomit it right back on you. But that's the way it is with artsy music. And personally, it's my favorite album of the year so far. They could've cut out a few tracks, but they're a prog-rock band so I'll forgive them for their artsy egos.

Track listing

Pariah” - 4:12
Drunk Slide” - 1:32
Ireland” - 3:46
Stamp Of Origin: Pessimistic” - 0:54
Lightswitch” - 3:33
Gathering Pebbles” - 5:03
Information” - 5:49
Stamp Of Origin: Ocean Meets Bay” - 0:35
Saviour” - 4:01
R U O K ?” - 2:16
I don’t know” - 3:49
Mourning This Morning” - 5:46
Stamp Of Origin: Take A Look Around” - 1:02
Long Days And Vague Clues” - 1:56
Cartoon Showroom” - 4:23
Quotes” - 6:09
Down To The Cellar” - 3:45
Stamp Of Origin: Horizon” - 2:25
Length 60:56

I'm always hesitant when the first track my favorite track off the album, but a good song is a good song. It starts with a choir of kids (choirs of children are cheesy by default), but it works, especially when it kicks into a catchy piano and vocal melody, tight, syncopated drums; and a chunky riff. It's easily the best song on the CD.

None of the other tracks are quite as tight as Pariah, but you get a good variety of styles and instrumentation here so you can't really complain. The instrumental Long Days And Vague Clues, for instance, is catchy, but veers into generic string-tribute-to-Metallica territory. R U OK? and Drunk Slide make up for it though in the instrumental category.

Lyrics are interesting, at least, much more interesting than on previous albums. They fit together better here and aren't as cheesy or forced as before. The lyrics to the bridge on "Pariah" basically sum it up for us:

No more hiding, no more hiding, no more blame
No more fighting, no more fighting, no more pain
No more chaos, no more chaos, no more stress
No more addiction, no more addiction, no more mess
No more attitudes, no more swollen heads
No more greed, no more feeding from the hand
No more whining, no more blame it on the man
Realize it's your own fault

Sadly, only I Don't Know is available for listening on Maybe they'll show up on before long like their other albums.

Favorite Tracks: Pariah, Gathering Pebbles, I Don't Know, Mourning This Morning

Rating: 4.5/5


  • zinigor

    Totally agree, it's one of the best albums of this year. I had to listen to Catch Without Arms for a few times for it to start growing on me, but this new one I liked instantly.

    Ago 10 2009, 11h40
  • ggnomeproject

    Most definitely.

    Dez 24 2009, 8h29
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