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Jan 26 2009, 0h09

Shame that it's not fully streamable and that only the first half seems to be available, but this is a true gem. seriously. The DVD is even better(it includes a self-important commentary by a cigar-smoking R Kelly), and this has also been taken to the stage (rightfully so: R Kelly did compare himself to Shakespeare, after all!)...


  • rokhausen

    my friend dogwater just sent his "abridgement" of this...

    Fev 1 2009, 17h09
  • gertietheduck

    Hehehehe... priceless! Thank you, Rokhausen!

    Fev 1 2009, 18h10
  • richtcello

    this is actually the pinnacle of western musical theatre :D excellent abridgement *so I put my phone on viiiibraaaaaite*

    Fev 2 2009, 1h12
  • Dinos24

    Dogwater's "abridgment" version has given me some genuine chuckles! ;D

    Fev 2 2009, 13h57
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