Mowax (or how I got into triphop)


Nov 13 2007, 13h09

Endtroducing and Strictly Turntablized were the two albums that got me into triphop. The albums amazed me a lot and two tracks Kemuri and Midnight in a Perfect World are still on my list of all-time favorites. It was arond 1997 when i finally managed to get two turntables. I was listening to hiphop a lot but loved the beats and breaks more than the rhymes. I heard DJ Shadow at a friend of mine and there it was, the most influencing triphop album I have listened. Soon after I bought the DJ Krush album as well and I was in love with the Mowax label in specific and triphop music in general. Too bad the label Mowax became less and less interesting with acts like South as ultimate example of the downfall. Nevertheless the label changed my opinion about music with acts (besides Shadow & Krush I mentioned before) like Rob Dougan, Andrea Parker, Attica Blues, U.N.K.L.E., Innervissions, Air and some others. Unfortunately DJ Shadow has changed his path as well, many true hiphop / breaks fan will be glad with this but the day I bought a Shadow-album without listening is long ago.

Now Mowax is sold long ago but new music is coming up that sounds great too! I can mention a lot of artist but my playlist will do the job :) however I still listen to Mowax often, what do you think of the Headz albums? They are timeless, they still do the job and I consider Mowax as one of the greatest labels ever!

What label or artist influenced you the most? there should be one specific one that changed your view drastically...?!
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  • Nymphenburg

    Until then... let's just say that there were multiple artists/bands that changed my view drastically - out of which the most recent are Antenne, Amstrong and Sutrastore. I can't say much right now, maybe some other time I'll tell you about how I got into trip-hop...

    Dez 27 2007, 11h40
  • piterrrek_p

    It was in 2001 I think, I was waking up after big party, and then heard her voice. It made my body full of goose-flesh, beautiful, emotional. I found my road by Roads of Beth's Portishead

    Dez 28 2007, 17h51
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