David Nail @ the Troubador in West Hollywood


Fev 16 2012, 15h48

Wed 15 Feb – David Nail Grammy Showcase - Dave hit the stage at 10:15 pm with a Bass player, Guitar Player, Keyboard player (who looked like he belonged to the Beatles) and a drummer who looked like he was from Creedence Clearwater. He was nervous as hell (his own words) and a smidgen drunk (Jack Daniels bottle in hand), but put on a great show. He played Red Light, Grandpas Farm and Let it Rain along with others in his catalogue. He also broke out some Garth Brooks and some "all the other kids.... pop song. The place was packed and the gig lasted about 1.5 hrs. Grabbed a guitar pick from Dave celebrated the gig with a Jack and Coke. See him if you can. Boy can sing and write a damn good song.


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