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  • lethargicsofa

    What the freak is "RPA and the United Nations of Sound"??? He is totally off his swaggering rocker at this point. He is starting to ruin the perception of one of my favourite bands.

    julho 2010
  • lethargicsofa

    Hey, nice event there... I'd attend that myself if it wasn't for...

    fevereiro 2008
  • xstartstopx


    janeiro 2008
  • noromaru

    Thanks, I'll keep those in mind!

    novembro 2007
  • onesugarmilo

    Haha don't you just love dogs. So tolerant! I hope she's listening to something good through those headphones!

    junho 2007
  • gatmog

    That's my dog. She is suprisingly ok with us balancing stuff on her head.

    junho 2007
  • onesugarmilo

    I love your picture :)

    junho 2007
  • lethargicsofa

    I agree, we need to reduce the coc in your diet. Check out some King Cobb Steelie - ignore the name just listen to Junior Relaxer - I'll be shocked if you don't like it.

    março 2007
  • colinbo

    i'm beginning to worry about you.. Cocteau Twins.. too much coc in the teau going on. :p seriously though.. listen to it.

    setembro 2006