Renegades @ The Lexington


Fev 7 2010, 14h19

I was lucky enough to have been the right age at the right time to see Feeder when they first started out on the club circuit way back in the 90's. I managed to catch two f***ing amazing shows back in 1996/7 when they performed at the Tunbridge Wells Forum which back then would hold around 150 people, slightly illegal I'm sure for a venue of that size but when Feeder were in town that place was rammed and no one cared.

When I saw that the band were going back to their roots with a side project I had to be at the shows in London so I got tickets for 2 of the three shows, sadly I couldn't make the first. The first of these dates is The Lexington. A pub with the capacity of 200 people in a room upstairs. The venue itself I'd never been to before but will definitely check out again in the future, a really nice place for really intimate performances. On entering the upstairs you are presented by a tiny function room with a bar and a stage. I was already starting to head back to 1996 and knew tonight would be a great show. Heading straight down the front you rest your pint on the stage and look forward to what lies ahead.

Grant and Taka both play like they once did, loud and hard. New drummer Karl Brazil beats them like John Lee once did making this a great combination for what hopefully will be a long relationship between the threesome. The set list contains a mix of both new Renegades tracks and classic Feeder tracks including Tangerine, Sweet 16 and the divine Descend

From the new material Renegades is clearly already a crowd favourite going down an absolute storm. Sentimental is also right up there. Some of the other new tracks are also well worth checking out. River and Left Foot Right are both good solid tracks by the sounds of them.

The band were amazing tonight with the highlights for me being the venue, Tangerine (dedicated to John Lee), Renegades and Descend. I can't wait for the Hoxton Bar and Grill gig on Monday night.

Set list
Barking Dogs
This Town
Left Foot Right
White Lines
End of the Road
Call Out
--- Encore --
Sweet 16

Thu 4 Feb – Renegades


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