• Stuff i find awesome...

    Dez 19 2007, 9h39

    My diary. Today i've kissed Julia on cheek. Geeez, she's so sweet i can't sleep, she plays pokemons and she also have a pink bicycle! When i kissed her it was like a dream! I took my courage in the middle of the mathematic lesson and...OH CRAP! Wrong tab! Damn...ok, so stuff i find awesome is not my first kissing moment on grammar school. I meant some music of we go:


    Just as i like it. Electronic sounds served with sounds from god knows where, sewn together with human voices. The atmosphere of this piece is absolutely unexpected, consuming and won't let you out till the end of the whole piece. You will have a need to listen to some of the pieces again right after they end, but resist it and let it all go till the end. Amazing sometimes gloomy, sometimes angry, sometimes calming experience. I personaly aplaud Saltillo for creating this. Btw...Hair on the head of John the Baptist is the one you will love for a loooong time.

    Black Dog With Black Sifichi:
    Unsavoury Products

    This one will be quite hard to describe. Psychedelic use of electronic beats and sounds mixed with spoken word of apocalypse, funny screams, feelings, absolutely meaningless sentences put together with thoughts of the world around. All that spoken with a weird kinda "pushed out" voice, coloured by ocassional screams, scratches. So far it may sound like a complete mess (which it in fact is) without a message and composition (and thats the part thats not true). But the whole album sounds kind of...neat? I can't find a word to describe it:) Its pleasant to hear. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes the thoughts flow to much deeper waters, letting you to wonder what it is it wants to deliver to your head. Electronic beats and sounds are very subtle and are just a colorizing background for the voice in the frontline. I'm not sure who am i supposed to recommend this one to, but people reading this journal should definitely give it a try. At least Mental health hotline song is funny if nothing else:)

    Kirlian Selections

    If you check tags for that album, the most pronounced is "Best albums ever" which i find quite correct. The description itself would be quite similar to Venetian snares's Rossz album, though a bit slower and smoother, bit more drummy sometimes. Classical instruments "juiced" by the electronic sounds. Again the composition of the whole album is amazing. Slower parts, inspecting the deeper, singular sounds are mixed with fast-paced hypes, giving you all the brain really needs. What is wonderfull about that album is the imagination of that music. When you dive deep in the sound you hear, you find yourselves on a journey, guided by the sound map that is pouring into your ears. Simply amazing album.

    Venetian Snares:
    Rossz csillag alatt született

    Pure awesomeness. If you like classical music, drumnbass, electronics, human voices and balance in all those things, you should check it out and give it a try. It is incredibly balanced out and all the parts are making perfect sense. So far the best thing i've ever heard in my life.


    My long-term relationship. Guitar genius making a chillout session album can be god damn superb after all. One will find some songs a bit out of the line, not perfectly in the same mood as the rest after some number of listenings, but overall that album rock my personal world. Songs like Whitewash (check this live version), For Mom, Hills of eternity and some others are unique portion of stringy tones that will calm you down whatever it is that makes you angry/in stress/furious/whatever. I must admit, i have a serious addiction to that album which can be seen from my own charts. 90% of Buckethead plays are from this album...
  • Venetian snares orgasm...

    Out 14 2007, 14h55

    Venetian Snares
    Rossz csillag alatt született

    Well i just have to write that down somewhere...even if nobody would ever read it.

    I've found out probably the most ingenious album/artist i've ever encountered in my whole, little, short life. Its organic intercourse of classical music and drumnbass/electronic madness is something I've never heard before. There are some things that are quite close to perfection, but still far from venetian snares.

    Specifically speaking the album Rossz Csillag Alatt Született. In some parts of that album i just have to sit down and stop whatever i'm doing at the moment, because the intensity of sounds and feelings from what i hear are way too much to handle while standing. Hajnal song part from 4:10 to 4:40 approx. is probably the best 30 seconds ever made in musical art...Szamár Madár song is something i wouldn't ever beleive is made by a human being.

    The tempo of the whole album is well balanced and the fast-paced parts quickened by drumnbass constituents is at certain moments even more accentuated by incredible chorals which makes one just freeze in time and dive deep in the sounds that are shaking his very brain in a rythm which is quite impossible to resist. Moments, where the massive beats are cut down to a single, very smooth and kind vocal are just amazing. And knowing that another Brain-shaker is jut around the corner makes you focus on the masterpiece you're currently listening to.

    It's quite obvious even from the title of the journal, that i fell in love with it quite a lot, so its not objective to judge. It's just my point of view. I'd love to thank Kirkvanhendrix for recommending it to me. Without him i wouldn't probably ever hear that stuff;)