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  • surrender_xx

    That's completely right. The lengths that people will go through to attack/defend religions against one another is sickening. That's why Megadeth has a song titled "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due." Oh yes, it doesn't stop there though, there's lots of treachery entangled in the issue. It would be an interesting study to lead on that, except it kind of violates the humane limits of conducting an experiment. Haha, wow, how ironic is that? Instead of peaceably bringing it up, she wants to resort to that... Way to go. She's proved nothing. I bet he cooked the chicken in the end, didn't he? Really? That's ridiculous. Double standards are the worst. I know right? Most of the time I question if half of the population even uses the mind that they have. >.>

    26 Jul 2h18 Responder
  • Amlaitheu

    Whenever I read a book, for me It's like watching a movie. I see the images in my head, I see the characters, I feel what they feel. I see what they think. The characters might not be real but the feelings are real. That's something not even a movie can give me. But most people now a days don't have the imagination to do so. It's the same thing when I'm writing, It's my own world, I can create it as I wish, without any limits.

    25 Jul 14h02 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Yeah, I think I watched something about that story on YouTube. She's too good of a person to be part of a disgusting family like that. She even said that she forgives them and that she still loves them even though they damn her to hell and don't care if she lives or dies on her own. It's frightening. Her younger siblings even neglect her because of the parents' brainwashing. Oh, I don't doubt it. I bet they'd even resort to cannibalism if it came down to a survival instinct. I bet that person was among the first to be kicked off, weren't they? That's a good point, but it's hard to filter out more of those when people are throwing out garbage like "#CutForBieber" and even worse things. Really? I guess that comes with the success of companies, it needs to fit the standard. :\\ All business is conducted the same way unfortunately. Exactly.

    24 Jul 22h31 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Oh geez, I can't tolerate the fanatics. They can't think clearly. It isn't right. I can only hope so! Because giving them the sort of attention that they crave only forces them to be more vocal and in-your-face about what they preach. Hah, wow. I guess no one's clean about anything when they have so much to back up. That's irony at its finest though. It's also why I believe that there is no such thing as pure veganism. No matter what whether it is preventable or not, everyone partakes in using something that has been part of an animal many times in their lifetime. Yup, very right. Of course, people would rather be creating stupid hashtags as opposed to studying something worthwhile or of higher importance. No problem at all. ^~^ That's another aspect of it, yes, money can buy stuff that shouldn't even have a price.

    24 Jul 16h04 Responder
  • Amlaitheu

    The way human kind evolved with words is amazing. Words is not just for communication but also a way of showing your personality. People don't really think about it, but It's extremely fascinating.

    24 Jul 10h42 Responder
  • Amlaitheu

    Thanks for accepting me! I am just enjoying my music at the moment and looking for a decent movie on Netflix :> What are you up to?

    23 Jul 23h41 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Why would people support them? That would be totally hypocritical of them to do after going on and on about how much they can't stand them. It's true. I just hope that people will start regarding their protesting and threats in the clever way that Panic! At The Disco managed to do it. :3 Yeah, it it seriously messed up though, haha. It almost makes me feel sorry for the pet that it has to cope with that kind of babying. That's true though. Exactly, it's like confronting an addict about their problems, they just won't give up in believing that they're always in the right and that all of the others are in the wrong. Well, maybe, the world might come to its senses. But it'll take some major work to get there. That's a really great example you brought up by the way. Really makes them question their beliefs, doesn't it? :)

    23 Jul 18h20 Responder
  • aline_f

    I finished today a book called "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick (an american writer, do you know him?). It's science fiction, and there is a movie called "Blade Runner" about this book :) (have you ever watched this movie?). I love Philip K. Dick, his books are amazing. Now I'm going to start the book "O cheiro do ralo" by Lourenço Mutarelli (a brazilian writer). It's fiction, and looks very interesting :) About brazilians writers... Jorge Amado is a famous brazilian writer, his books were translated to english I think, and he is amazing because he writes important caracteristics of brazilian people.

    23 Jul 2h06 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    It would be, but an exception can be made in their case. Honestly, they don't even represent anything remotely holy; it's a slanderous, hate-spreading group of idiots, so I wish they could be put in their rightful place. Aha, valid point. Oh yes, a lot of individuals actually consider their pet to be a proper member of their family and everything. Some people even regard them as their "children," it's quite disturbing. Yup, most definitely. I find it super depressing... :\\ I'm even more discouraged to be outgoing because of that. Whatever it may be, it isn't rational. I know, I feel like things are getting progressively worse with societies everywhere. There's a lack of moral value and common decency. Right on, the NPTA will set the record straight when the time is upon us. :D Haha!

    23 Jul 0h05 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    True enough, they just do it in an extremely stupid way, haha. Yeah... I'm actually surprised that no one has burned their church down either now that I think about it, considering how many people loathe their very existence. Exactly, you can never know with them. It's kind of repulsive to see them being that pampered. I mean, most humans don't even bother to treat themselves with that kind of care or attention. Robots would be a slight concern in my books, but then again, phones are sort of already on that path to becoming companions for people. Yeah, lots refuse to retire because there's a stigma attached to it and I don't understand why really. I remember that, but I think so too. They need that comfort and feel insulted when someone raises an issue with it. We'll keep them on the NPTA's future Most Wanted list. :P

    22 Jul 18h06 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Yeah, I don't think you'd have to worry. :) I know. Oh, they made a homophobic "parody" in style of one of Panic!'s songs, so they began to attack the band after they realized that the band wasn't tolerating their crap. I guess that's another truth. Some people spend ridiculous amounts on their pets. On entirely unnecessary things too. You've gotta be kidding about that? How horrible! Yeah, it's definitely bland and boring. Mm, I know, I think it's just the catch of being attached to your own pet and not other people's. Lol, oh they *are* very smart. Very, very smart.

    22 Jul 2h25 Responder
  • aline_f

    Nice :) What kind of book? Have you ever read brazilian literature?

    22 Jul 0h29 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    I know, I don't think I'd be able to have a good time while camping either, I'd be too fixated on all of the insects and stuff like that to enjoy the rest of the experience. Haha, of course, Jason is out there to punish the negligent. C; Yeah, you're exactly right. I hate the hypocrisy in their tactics. Plus they really go above the acceptable level. It should, definitely. Westboro is messed up. They were going to protest Panic! At the Disco's concert, so Brendon Urie said that for every member that showed up, he'd donate $20 to the Human Rights Campaign. Apparently only 13 protesters were there, so Brendon was like: "$20 x 13=weak. We're going to make it an even $1000. We will also be donating 5% of our total merch sales from this show to HRC." Now that's the most brilliant way to handle that! :D I guess it could be because the other pets aren't typically associated with an average person's idea of fun. Dogs are a man's best friend - and cats, well everyone seems to worship them.

    21 Jul 17h51 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Yeah, for certain. I hate that kind of ignorance. It takes the idea to a whole new level, which is completely unacceptable. What, really? -.-" I mean, it's not ideal to let a spider crawl around in a house or a building, I don't care if anyone says otherwise. :/ I have no problems with them outside of that area. I know! PETA is just crazy. They're like the Westboro of animal rights. A fly only has a limited number of days either way... That is epic!! Aha, it may already exist for all we know. So true. I guess that's the new approach they're trying in order to impact people, but it doesn't work in the right way since people are already so desensitized to things like that from movies or shows. I remember that one, classic. :P

    20 Jul 21h48 Responder
  • FunkadelicMover

    Hey funkdoctor. How are things going with you? I am really sorry for not replying. I haven't been on here for a while. Good news for you. I have managed to graduate from university :)

    20 Jul 8h30 Responder
  • aline_f

    I like to study history, read good books, watch good movies... I like to eat too, and sleep hehhehe And you?

    20 Jul 3h58 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    That's a very good thing. I know, it's just the way people are tuned these days. They would probably care more about an animal's comfort than a human being's in most cases anyway. It's frustrating. Oh yeah, it would even get to the top of the news stories, I bet. *sigh* Society just keeps disappointing me. Thank you! Haha, well it seems like that base was already covered before I even got to it! :b Yes, surely. That's the way things work on the internet. It's all about fads and what's hot for the first five seconds, even though it seems like way longer to an outsider who isn't drowning in the mainstream opinions. Oh, Keyboard Cat is gone, don't you worry. He was from the 1950s. Really? Wow, that must be disturbing. I never like seeing those ones on the side because they usually do tend to be gross. I'm glad AdBlock exists for that reason alone.

    19 Jul 21h03 Responder
  • aline_f

    São Paulo looks polluted and gray :)

    19 Jul 20h07 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    For certain. I just finished reading the aforementioned novel and it was great. :) I typically don't stray into genres like this, but I find it to be an exception. Right, there's a lot of inventiveness that comes alone with it, which is super refreshing in an industry that tends to recycle stories. True that! Oh yes, sounds like it would! I remember the commercials for those, they were ridiculous. :3 People would literally probably care more if Grumpy Cat died, then the unfortunate passengers in that Malaysia airliner. The world is upside down and it's hard to turn it back around. That was almost lyrical, haha. The crazy cat lady, I never fell into that trap, lots of these "viral" videos are funded, so it's highly unlikely for it to be genuine or real. My goodness, I can't actually believe they featured that cat. Even Keyboard Cat deserved it more than this one. -.- I entirely agree, we need all the backup that we can get for the NPTA. We aren't permitted to give up!

    18 Jul 22h31 Responder
  • surrender_xx

    Exactly, this one has none of that stuff in it, thankfully. It kind of gives content to life. Haha, I only use the microwave for Kraft Dinner... or those lazy microwavable meals. That's true. The funny part is that I haven't seen that commercial at all. The only way I knew that the cat was at the MTV Awards was because everyone was taking pictures with it and posting them online. That's pretty much how stuff gets famous on the internet. It all started with 9gag and sites like that, then it became pretty much universal over the web. Definitely. Aha, yes, you know it! :b

    18 Jul 15h28 Responder
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