• And now I'm a fan.

    Abr 1 2012, 18h22

    Sat 31 Mar – March Into Spring w/ Native Run + Marcus Hummon
    This was actually my very first coffeehouse experience, and I must say it was a good one. Is every band that plays Jammin' Java this good? If so, I may have to make it a new haunt. A friend whose musical taste doesn't always coincide with my own dragged me out, so I wasn't sure what to expect . . . and when Marcus Hummon came on, I was awestruck. This was the man who had cowritten songs that shaped my life musically from the very beginning- famous country hits like Born to Fly, Cowboy Take Me Away, and Bless The Broken Road. (don't get me wrong, I didn't know that just by looking at him) It was an unexpected honor to see him live. As he got offstage, I thought, "well, I guess the show's over, 'cause whatever's coming can't possibly beat that."

    Oh boy was I wrong.

    Native Run kept me spellbound basically the entire time they were onstage. Rachel had us clapping, stomping, and singing along- and mind you, other than giving us a powerhouse rendition of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know halfway through the set, these were all original songs that I, having not been previously introduced to the band, didn't know. Rachel and Bryan are both excellent performers; quirky, fun and charismatic, not afraid to make the audience laugh. Luke is an absolute demon on the guitar, as he got to prove to us during his solo during the encore. I don't think I've ever been more involved emotionally in a show- I cried during Was It All In My Head?, begged with everyone else to hear Like Whiskey, laughed uproariously at Rachel's stories and Bryan's quick-witted anecdotes, and the next day my hands are still red from clapping. This show was, for lack of fancier vocabulary, so good.

    And so, if you get the chance, go, go, GO see Native Run. Hunt them down, follow them up and down the coast. You won't regret it. Even if, like Bryan during Marcus' set, you end up peeing a little.