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Fev 2 2011, 23h53

2007.02.06 DIR EN GREY (openers Fair to Midland, Bleed The Dream) at Theatre of the Living Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
2008.03.14 Taste of Chaos (ムック, D'espairsRay, The Underneath, Idiot Pilot, Striving for Better) at Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
2008.11.11 DIR EN GREY (opener The Human Abstract) at Theatre of the Living Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
2008.11.14 DIR EN GREY (opener The Human Abstract) at Terminal 5 (New York, NY)
2009.04.18 Flight of the Conchords (opener Kristen Schaal) at Tower Theater (early show) (Upper Darby, NJ)
2009.07.11 Vamps at The Fillmore (New York, NY)
2009.09.13 Rasputina (opener The Shondes) at Knitting Factory (Brooklyn, NY)
2009.11.11 DIR EN GREY (opener Goes Cube) at The Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
2010.07.10 Rasputina (opener *Larkin Grimm) at (le) poisson rouge (New York, NY)
2010.08.28 Apocalyptica & DIR EN GREY (opener Evaline) at The Electric Factory (Philadelphia, PA)
2010.10.09 Vamps at Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
2011.01.28 *TivaTiva at Kimmel Center (Philadelphia, PA)
2011.02.26 Rasputina at Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
2011.03.16 *Apocalyptica (opener *The Stone Cult) at Crocodile Rock (Allentown, PA)
2011.05.13 *Beirut (opener *Lady Lamb the Beekeeper) at Wellmont Theatre (Montclair, NJ)
2011.06.08 *Zoë Keating at World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA)
2011.08.28 Kamelot (openers Alestorm, *Blackguard, *The Agonist) at Trocadero Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)
2011.09.11 *The Pillows & *noodles (opener *All Ages) at The Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
2011.10.22 *Janelle Monáe (openers *fun., *Deep Cotton) at Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA)
2011.10.30 *Rasputina (openers *Eszter Balint, *TivaTiva) at Johnny Brenda's (Philadelphia, PA)
2011.11.05 *Astronautalis (openers *Zilla Rocca, M.I.S.F.I.T., Voss) at The Fire (Philadelphia, PA)
2011.11.13 *Beirut (opener *Basia Bulat) at The Electric Factory (Philadelphia, PA)
2011.12.09 DIR EN GREY (opener The Birthday Massacre) at Theatre of the Living Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
2011.12.16 Korpiklaani (openers Аркона, Polkadot Cadaver, Forged in Flame) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.01.29 *Children of Bodom (openers *Eluveitie, *Revocation, *Threat Signal) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.02.07 The Darkness (openers *Foxy Shazam, *Crown Jewel Defense) at Trocadero Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.02.14 Wayne Static (openers Polkadot Cadaver, Defiler, The Last Remark, Taunted By Tomorrow, Horror Technics) at Crocodile Rock (Allentown, PA)
2012.03.07 *Mindless Self Indulgence (opener *Morningwood) at Trocadero Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.03.24 Foxy Shazam (openers Maniac, Cadaver Dogs, Eye On Attraction) at Crocodile Rock (Allentown, PA)
2012.03.31 Shpongle (openers EOTO, Phutureprimitive) at The Electric Factory (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.04.05 *Cursive (openers *Cymbals Eat Guitars, *Conduits) at Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.04.12 Kittie (openers Blackguard, Bonded By Blood, Save the Zombies) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.04.20 Disappears (openers Lotus Plaza, Nothing) at Johnny Brenda's (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.04.25 Blood on the Dance Floor (openers Brokencyde, Deuce, Polkadot Cadaver, William Control, The Bunny the Bear, Haley Rose) at Crocodile Rock (Allentown, PA) I am not proud of this... but I had to support Polkadot Cadaver.
2012.05.26 The Agonist (openers Throdl, Save the Zombies, Morsus, Torture Ascendancy) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.06.01 Exotic Animal Petting Zoo & Goes Cube (openers Path In Motion, Lör) at The Legendary Dobbs (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.06.15 *Ramona Falls (opener *The Darcys) at Kung Fu Necktie (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.07.15 Shredfest 3 (Polkadot Cadaver, Sky Came Burning, Riven, WellShot, Xstrophy, Ten Feet Thick, Graveyard) at Recher Theatre (Towson, MD)
2012.08.04 Mayhem Festival (Slipknot, Slayer, Motörhead, Anthrax, As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel, Upon a Burning Body, I, The Breather, Betraying the Martyrs, Dirtfedd, Bleeding Ink) at Toyota Pavilion (Scranton, PA)
2012.08.07 System of a Down (opener Deftones) at Verizon Center (Washington DC)
2012.08.25 Afropunk Festival (Erykah Badu feat. The Cannabinoids, The Memorials, Alice Smith, Cerebral Ballzy, OXYMORRONS, ROOFEEO) at Commodore Barry Park (Brooklyn, NY)
2012.08.26 Afropunk Festival (Janelle Monáe, Reggie Watts, Straight Line Stitch, Flatbush ZOMBiES, Phony Ppl, E.Z. Mo Breezy of Grits & Biscuits) at Commodore Barry Park (Brooklyn, NY)
2012.09.10 Philm (openers Generation Kill, Molly Rhythm, Condition Critical, Thrashole) at Championship Bar (Trenton, NJ)
2012.09.15 The Noid (openers The Damn Dirty Apes, Rough Justice) at Gallagher's Country Tavern (Spring City, PA)
2012.09.20 Korpiklaani (openers Moonsorrow, Týr, Metsatöll, Gloominous Doom) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.09.27 *The Melvins (opener *Tweak Bird) at Crocodile Rock (Allentown, PA)
2012.10.04 Rasputina (opener Faun Fables) at Johnny Brenda's (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.10.17 Flobots (openers Astronautalis, Rone) at MilkBoy (Philadelphia, PA)
2012.11.01 Foxy Shazam (openers Ducky and the Vintage, Small Town Titans, The Stonewall Vessels) at Chameleon Club (Lancaster, PA)
2012.11.08 Six Feet Under (openers Wretched, Divination, Rivers of Nihil) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.11.11 Cattle Decapitation (openers Divination, Nightfire) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.11.15 Straight Line Stitch (openers Dead By Wednesday, Willpowerless, Panic) at Crocodile Rock (Allentown, PA)
2012.11.21 Gloominous Doom (opener Orangutang) at Homer's Bar & Grill (Fleetwood, PA)
2012.11.25 GWAR (openers DevilDriver, Cancer Bats, Legacy of Disorder) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.12.01 Gloominous Doom (openers Coffin Dust, Rodent Lord, The Gasholes) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2012.12.09 Dirty rotten imbeciles (openers Abdicate, Pipe, Bleed The Messiah) at The Bug Jar (Rochester, NY)
2012.12.30 Clutch (openers Mondo Generator, Saviours, Wino) at Crocodile Rock (Allentown, PA)
2012.01.12 Bastard Thieves (openers Katahajime, Planning for Burial, MAD-O) at Good Weekend (Allentown, PA)
2013.01.19 Converge (openers Pig Destroyer, Municipal Waste, Repulsion, Tombs) at Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA)
2013.01.20 Neurosis (opener John Baizley) at Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA)
2013.02.15 Orangutang (openers Gloominous Doom, Friends with Murder, Rodent Lord, Big Green Limousine, The Underwear Serpents, 20til8, Hate to Say It, The What Nows?!, Screams of the Insane) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.03.01 Dirty rotten imbeciles (openers Blyndsyde, McRad, Spinechain, Loss of Effect, March To Victory, Rodent Lord) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2012.03.05 Black Tusk (openers Buzzherd, L.M.I., Jaw Horse, The Last Remark, Panic) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.03.15 Finch (openers The Almost, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die) at The Electric Factory (Philadelphia, PA)
2013.03.16 Every Time I Die (openers The Acacia Strain, Hundredth, No Bragging Rights) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.03.29 Rodent Lord (openers Police Lingo, Wise Guys, Stand Fight Survive, The Stink Bugs) at The Independent Space (Kutztown, PA)
2013.04.05 Flux Capacitor DRH Bar (Reading, PA)
2013.04.07 Cadaver Dogs (openers Moonstriker, Teeth of Mammals, The Changing Light) at DRH Bar (Reading, PA)
2013.04.14 Mindless Self Indulgence (opener DEATH SPELLS, Starwood) at The Electric Factory (Philadelphia, PA)
2013.04.16 Paganfest IV (Ensiferum, Týr, Heidevolk, TrollfesT) at The Note (West Chester, PA)
2013.04.26 Rodent Lord (openers Weird Wolf, manbeast, Hate to Say It, No Excuse For A Cheap Suit, Ghost Dads, Donner Dinner Party) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2013.04.27 Opeth (opener Katatonia) at Sherman Theater (Stroudsburg, PA)
2013.05.02 Psychostick (openers Polkadot Cadaver, Downtown Brown, The KMX Band, Orangutang, Terminate This) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.05.03 Gloominous Doom (openers Mensrea, Coffin Dust, Late Comers, Shitlist, L.M.I., The Stink Bugs) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2013.05.05 Black Cowgirl (opener Deathsnake) at The Depot (York, PA)
2013.05.24 Gloominous Doom (openers Survey Says, L.M.I.) at Gallery U (Bethlehem, PA)
2013.05.25 Maryland Deathfest (Down, Revenge, Ihsahn, The Melvins, The Obsessed, Weedeater, Iniquity, Loss, Anhedonist, Kommandment, Asthma Castle) at Former Sonar Compound (Baltimore, MD)
2013.06.04 Tomahawk (opener Buke and Gase) at Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA)
2013.06.07 Ensign (openers Walk The Plank, Rodent Lord, The Scandals, Supreme Commander, Terminate This, Ghost Dads) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2013.06.15 Polkadot Cadaver & Exotic Animal Petting Zoo (openers Motor Heart Man, Pwned, Top Hats and Effigies) at Championship Bar (Trenton, NJ)
2013.06.22 Gloominous Doom (opener Blyndsyde) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.07.06 Rodent Lord (openers Weird Wolf, Katahajime, Nimbux Terrifix, Window Liquor, D-Grade Monsters, Ghost Dads) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2013.07.11 *Reggie Watts (opener *Shining Mirrors) at Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)
2013.07.13 Mayhem Festival (Children of Bodom, Machine Head, Scorpion Child, Born of Osiris, Gloominous Doom, Battlecross, Attika 7, Huntress) at Toyota Pavilion (Scranton, PA)
2013.07.14 Revocation (opener Cause Of Affliction) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.07.30 Rasputina (opener Betty) at City Winery (New York, NY)
2013.08.01 The Melvins (opener Honky) at Underground Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
2013.08.03 Gloominous Doom (opener Jaw Horse) at Homer's Bar & Grill (Fleetwood, PA)
2013.08.04 The Dillinger Escape Plan (openers Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Norma Jean, Cattle Decapitation, The Ocean, Thy Art Is Murder, Revocation, Aeon, Rings Of Saturn) at Trocadero Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)
2013.08.16 Every Time I Die (openers Chelsea Grin, Veil of Maya, Terror, Capture the Crown, For All Those Sleeping, iwrestledabearonce, Dayshell, For a Life Defined, Ice Nine Kills, A Scent Like Wolves) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.08.17 Howling Fantods (openers Ghosts of Sailors at Sea, Goner, Bonfire) at The M Room (Philadelphia, PA)
2013.08.18 Biohazard (openers Wisdom In Chains, Lifeless, Paper Trail, Suburban Scum, Wrench, Menace, Not Til Death) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.08.24 Afro Punk Fest (dead prez, The Heavy, Mykki Blanco, Theophilus London, Wicked Wisdom, Unlocking the Truth, The London Souls, The Skins, DJ Mess Kid) at Commodore Berry Park (Brooklyn, NY)
2013.08.25 Afro Punk Fest (Trash Talk, Vintage Trouble, Death) at Commodore Berry Park (Brooklyn, NY)
2013.09.06 Dave Chappelle & Flight of the Conchords (openers Jeff Ross, John Mulaney, Al Madrigal, Kristen Schaal, Keith Robinson) at Susquehanna Bank Center (Camden, NJ)
2013.09.07 Rodent Lord (openers Rat Trap, Ghost Dads, Back & Forth Forever, Twin 55, U.s.d.) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2013.09.13 PLoTS (openers Raymond Strife, Baker, Stillborn Identity, Cornelius The Third) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2013.09.21 Seeds (openers Hiding Scarlet, From Under the Willow) at Caribbean Inn (Manheim, PA)
2013.09.28 East Coast Tsunami Fest (Hatebreed, Terror, Wisdom In Chains, Breakdown, Shadows Fall, Cro-Mags, Comeback Kid, Indecision, The Acacia Strain, Lifeless, Full Blown Chaos, The Storm, Menace, Objection) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.09.29 John Zorn at (le) poisson rouge (New York, NY)
2013.10.18 Rivers of Nihil (openers Gloominous Doom, The Merciless Concept, The Binary Code, Grimus, Black Crown Initiate) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2013.10.19 Clayton Revine (openers Y'R FUCKED, Condition Oakland, D-Grade Monsters, Home Movies, Kaleidoscopes, The Greater Victory, Everybody Swingin') at The Locust Dale Fire Co (Locustdale, PA)
2013.10.24 Kylesa (openers Pinkish Black, Sierra, Black Cowgirl) at Mojo Main (Newark, DE)
2013.10.26 Gloominous Doom (openers Jaw Horse, Lesser of Two Evils) at Daddy McFatty's (Northumberland, PA)
2013.11.08 DIR EN GREY (opener Dagoba) at Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD)
2013.11.09 Rodent Lord (openers Friends with Murder, Orangutang, VULTUREPEAK, Nocht the Only Ghouls) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2013.11.15 Eyehategod (openers Black Cowgirl, Givethemrope) at The Note (West Chester, PA)
2013.11.22 The Changing Light (openers Moonstriker, Marathon, Justin Angelo) at Rhyme & Reason (Lancaster, PA)
2013.11.23 Window Liquor (openers Space Drugs, Rodent Lord, Ghost Dads, Brides//Grooms) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2013.11.27 Gloominous Doom (openers Buzzherd, Orangutang) at Homer's Bar & Grill (Fleetwood, PA)
2013.12.01 Reading Area Punk Rock Flea Market (Rodent Lord, Hate to Say It, The Wolverines, The What Nows?!) at Hamburg Field House (Hamburg, PA)
2013.12.07 West Water Outlaws at Little Bear Saloon (Evergreen, CO)
2013.12.15 August Burns Red (openers Every Time I Die, Defeater, letlive., Code Orange Kids, One Year Later) at Lancaster County Convention Center (Lancaster, PA)
2013.12.21 Crobot (openers Rodent Lord, Tusko, Raymond Strife, L.M.I., Roxy Nova) at Goodfella's (Pottsville, PA)
2013.12.28 H2O (openers Suburban Scum, Angel Du$t, Halfling) at Reverb (Reading, PA)
2014.01.04 Shitlist (openers manbeast, Hashgrinder) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.01.10 The Changing Light (openers Seeds, The Stonewall Vessels) at Rhyme & Reason (Lancaster, PA)
2014.01.17 Chevy and the Crooks at Stone Creek AA (Reading, PA)
2014.01.18 Rodent Lord (openers Bildo & the Reacharounds, Symptoms, Hate to Say It, Video Massacre) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.02.01 Brother JT (openers TQi, We Have Heaven, Dawnchasers, Ghost Dads) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.02.06 JD Samson & MEN (opener The Downtown Club) at Johnny Brenda's (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.02.08 You You Dark Forest (openers Ghost Dads, GSGA, Daywand) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.02.14 empty vessels (openers Rodent Lord, xSluggernautx, The Stink Bugs) at Homer's Bar & Grill (Fleetwood, PA)
2014.02.22 Friends with Murder (openers Amigo The Devil, Rodent Lord, Ghost Dads) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.02.27 Rodent Lord (opener Sperm) at Young Ones (Kutztown, PA)
2014.02.28 Wizard Eye (openers Tungsten, Heavy Temple, Top Hats and Effigies) at Kung Fu Necktie (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.03.01 Quentel the Cryptid (openers 下山, Trololo, Ghost Dads, Seagulls Fucking Seagulls, Shannen Moser) at Podrum Mahzeni (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.03.03 Welcome to Night Vale at Theatre of the Living Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.03.06 H O R S E (openers Ghost Dads, Shrouded Traveler, GSGA) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.03.08 EGGfest (GSGA, Ghost Dads, Wondertaker, Sky System, A Broken Record, falcony) at Fairview Hose Company (Jim Thorpe, PA)
2014.03.19 Mike Tamburo (openers Ghost Dads, GSGA) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.03.20 Black Crown Initiate (openers Sovereign, Stargazer) at Young Ones (Kutztown, PA)
2014.03.22 Space Wolves (openers Ghost Dads, Tertium Quid, Chevy and the Crooks) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.03.28 King Parrot (openers Vaporizer, Gloominous Doom) at Good Weeknd (Allentown, PA)
2014.03.29 Kids (openers GROWER, Police State) at Podrum Mahzeni (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.04.10 Dirty Fences (openers Muscle Revolution, Tile) at Good Weeknd (Allentown, PA)
2014.04.11 Rasputina (opener DJ Kangal) at Trocadero Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.04.12 TQi (opener Ghost Dads) at Kempton Hotel (Kempton, PA)
2014.04.17 Insect Factory (openers Public Speaking, Ghost Dads) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.04.18 Secret Cutter (openers Katahajime, Carved Up, Plastic Spider) at St. Bernard's (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.04.19 Snoozer (openers TQi, GSGA) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.04.22 Chevy and the Crooks (opener Scumcheese) at Bar-B-Q Pit (Reading, PA)
2014.04.24 Seeds (openers Crisscross Albatross, Attic Space) at The Elk's Lodge (Lancaster, PA)
2014.04.26 Puff's Fest (Rodent Lord, Tusko, Gloominous Doom, Faith In Exile, Walk The Plank, Raymond Strife, Disco Machine Gun, VULTUREPEAK, Condition Oakland, L.M.I., Friends with Murder, Fear Through Me, xSluggernautx, Hate to Say It, Ghost Dads, Home Movies, The Stink Bugs, The What Nows?!, Skinwalker, Steve Mazur) at The Frackville Elks (Frackville, PA)
2014.04.28 (New England) Patriots (openers Ghost Dads, Shrouded Traveler) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.05.02 Backslider (openers SUFFER ON ACID, Bad American, manbeast, Hashgrinder) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.05.04 John Zorn at (le) poisson rouge (New York, NY)
2014.05.09 manbeast (openers Kids, Hell To Pay) at Podrum Mahzeni (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.05.10 SPACIN' (openers Fursaxa, We Have Heaven, Ghost Dads) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.05.15 Swans (opener Jenny Hval) at Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.05.17 Northern Liberties (openers Ghost Dads, Quincy & the Jones) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.05.18 Reading Area Punk Rock Flea Market (Hashgrinder, Video Massacre, Friends with Murder) at Hamburg Field House (Hamburg, PA)
2014.05.24 Ghost Dads (openers Rodent Lord, Old Head, Munna) at The Kitchen (Kutztown, PA)
2014.05.25 Maryland Deathfest (My Dying Bride, Candlemass, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Gorguts, Soilent Green, Misery Index, Bongripper, Windhand) at Edison Lot (Baltimore, MD)
2014.05.31 Rodent Lord (openers Urban Waste, Walk The Plank, manbeast, Ghost Dads, Hate to Say It) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.06.04 Janelle Monáe at Prospect Park (Brooklyn, NY)
2014.06.07 Folk the Park (AmRev 2, When East Meets West, Bread For Ducks, Comrades, Everyone Except Me, Sleep Tight Bug Bite, Seeds, COUSIN BONELESS, Condition Oakland, Stale Tobacco, Ben Luckman) at Long's Park (Lancaster, PA)
2014.06.08 Die Antwoord at The Electric Factory (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.06.13 Brother JT (openers Ghost Dads, Suzi Trash, capital k, Dabbler, Hashgrinder) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.06.15 Trash Talk (openers Left Brain, Nick Fit and the Jetsons, Vice) at Creep Records (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.06.17 Palberta (openers Ghost Dads, Stranger Danger, Nocht the Only Ghouls, Hopper and the Nighthawks) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.06.21 Motorcycles (openers Ghost Dads, Sing, Bird of Prey, Erik Santana) at St. Bernard's (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.06.22 Jack Wright with Ben Bennett (openers Sky System, Tape Monster, Daywand) at Podrum Mahzeni (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.06.28 Chevy and the Crooks (openers Afternoon, Scumcheese) at Northeast Taproom (Reading, PA)
2014.07.02 Appalachian Terror Unit (openers manbeast, Police State) at Podrum Mahzeni (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.07.03 Newish Star (openers The Cloth, Tape Monster) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.07.06 White Suns (openers Shitlist, Nuclear Hellfrost, Boddicker, manbeast) at Podrum Mahzeni (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.07.10 Cool Memories (openers Trololo, Ghost Dads, Chevy and the Crooks) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.07.12 Ratmilk Friendship Picnic (Tape Monster, GSGA, Night of Krang, Katana Girl, The Handsome Pants, Shannen Moser, Anastasia Lasky, Jack Wright, Pink Hex, The Kronies, The Strange Arrangement) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.07.15 King Buzzo (opener Mary Halvorson) at Underground Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.07.18 Zucchini Moon (You You Dark Forest, Red Eye of Jupiter, Daywand) at Kempton Art Farm (Kempton, PA)
2014.07.19 Zucchini Moon (Dawnchasers, Ghost Dads, Dylan Jane) at Kempton Art Farm (Kempton, PA)
2014.07.25 Psychic Teens (openers You You Dark Forest, Ghost Dads, The Teammates) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.07.26 Planning for Burial (openers GSGA, Nocht the Only Ghouls) at Alison's halfway house for adult runaways (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.08.03 Boris (openers The Atlas Moth, SubRosa) at The Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)
2014.08.06 Ghost Dads (openers Dream journal, Blobs, kharlos) at Spiral Scratch Records! (Buffalo, NY)
2014.08.07 Goron (openers Ghost Dads, comedown, Obscured Surroundings) at California Brew Haus (Rochester, NY)
2014.08.15 No One And The Somebodies (openers TURBOSLEAZE, Poor Luther's Bones, Ghost Dads, Shannen Moser) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.08.16 Katahajime (openers Centuries, Jungbluth, Narrow Lover) at Good Weeknd (Allentown, PA)
2014.08.21 Poor Luther's Bones (openers Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks, TQi) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.08.24 Lair (openers Jack Wright with Ron Stabinsky and Jared C. Balogh, Nocht the Only Ghouls) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.08.26 Sleep (opener Windhand) at Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.08.28 Aniqatia (opener Ghost Dads) at Young Ones (Kutztown, PA)
2014.08.28 Secret Cutter (openers Gloominous Doom, Vaporizer) at Good Weeknd (Allentown, PA)
2014.08.29 The Goaround (openers Mumblr, Ghost Dads, Chris and Brendan, Vague Advice) at PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.08.30 Ghost Dads (openers Porches., Pinegrove, Horsefleyes, Frankie Cosmos) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.09.04 Jack Wright with Matt Tomlinson (openers onewayness, Modulator ESP, Hexting) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.09.13 Poor Luther's Bones (openers Birth of Flower, Ghost Dads, Hexting) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.09.17 Lecherous Gaze (openers Dirty Fences, Slow Warm Death) at Good Weeknd (Allentown, PA)
2014.09.28 Ghost Dads (openers Cellular Chaos, It Must Be Love, Snoozer, Narrow Lover, Dabbler) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.10.04 In The Fire (openers Pink Angels, Ghost Dads, Lil Sean and the Big Heads) at PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.10.11 Disinterest (openers Shitlist, Ghost Dads, manbeast, Raw) at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.10.17 Death Ceiling (openers Public Speaking, Chewbacca's Sac) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.10.18 King Parrot (opener Child Bite) at Good Weeknd (Allentown, PA)
2014.10.25 Ghost Dads at Ratmilk (Kutztown, PA)
2014.11.03 Black Pus (openers Oozing Wound, Drums Like Machine Guns) at PhilaMOCA (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.11.05 Suzuki Junzo (openers We Have Heaven, Pneumagon) at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.11.14 Tile (openers Couch Slut, Harm Wülf, GSGA, Wondertaker) at St. Bernard's (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.11.15 Spowder (openers Greasy Hearts, Ghost Dads, Party Cops, The Barren Marys) at Paradise: Lost (New Brunswick, NJ)
2014.11.26 Buzzchopper (opener Gloominous Doom) at Homer's Bar & Grill (Fleetwood, PA)
2014.11.28 Noisegasm (H O R S E, Chewbacca's Sac, manbeast, Narrow Lover, Brother JT, Poor Luther's Bones, Moonstruck, GSGA, Erik Santana, Billy Mack Collector, VoirVoir, McGarnagle, Tape Monster) at The Alternative Gallery (Allentown, PA)
2014.12.03 Chevy and the Crooks (openers The Cohos, Up in the Air) at Casa de Cammarano (Reading, PA)
2014.12.06 Poor Luther's Bones at Rattail Records (Kutztown, PA)
2014.12.19 Bad American (openers Slavemaster, Raw, Narrow Lover) at Podrum Mahzeni (Bethlehem, PA)
2014.12.20 Pig Destroyer (openers Tombs, Fight Amp, Ultramantis Black) at First Unitarian Church (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.12.27 Walking Distance (openers Balloon Boy, Casino Smoker, Poor Luther's Bones) at The Nest (Philadelphia, PA)
2014.12.31 The Teammates (openers The Cohos, Poor Luther's Bones, Tape Monster, Ghost Dads) at Spaghetti House (Kutztown, PA)
2015.01.10 Poor Luther's Bones (opener Bossbattle) at Oddity Bar (Wilmington, DE)
2015.01.13 Ghost Dads (openers Wet Socks, The Yetis, Dog, Precious) at Spaghetti House (Kutztown, PA)
2015.01.17 The Cohos (openers Ghost Dads, Chevy and the Crooks, The Teammates) at Northeast Taproom (Reading, PA)
2015.01.31 LV Ladyfest (Trophy Wife, PINKWASH, Summer Scouts, Ghost Gum, Marge, Moonstruck) at The Alternative Gallery (Allentown, PA)
2015.02.14 Death Cult (opener Bertaniel) at Spaghetti House (Kutztown, PA)

*bootleg recording available. Drop me a line and I'll send you a link. You can also find me on Soulseek under the name thePuppymaster.

If you have any bootlegs you're willing to share from bands that I like, I'd love to hear them!


  • catchingsignals

    Hmm I'm curious about the fun. bootleg. I'd really appreciate a link.

    Out 30 2011, 13h13
  • fragile_sandy


    Out 30 2011, 15h44
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