I Touch Myself


Fev 11 2008, 17h00

Yet again, I am providing the music for this year's Valentine's Day sperm blast. I won't be wailing over the tracks this time, though. This is a good one.

Head Over Heels(I truly like this one, so it needs to be here.)
Chains of Love
Heat of the Moment
Oh Sherrie
Come To My Window (I used to love this song when I was little.)
Just A Friend
Tearin' Up My Heart
What Is Love?
Make It With You(I soothed hearts with this smash hit last year, it has earned its place again.)
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
I Want Your Sex
Every Rose Has Its Thorn


  • fakehead

    Oh my god, Bret Michaels? Really? Really, Papi?? ps. I truly like Tears for Fears too. Like truly love actually.

    Fev 11 2008, 22h41
  • fondueknights

    Haha. Yes, really. I should watch The L Word. Something tells me I'd like it.

    Fev 11 2008, 23h06
  • fakehead

    It's just like any other dramedy - just as frustrating and sloppily written. But I totally adore it. You just can't go wrong with 7 hot dykes. (Well, yeah, you can.)

    Fev 12 2008, 19h04
  • fondueknights

    Mm...I'm having trouble imagining things going wrong.

    Fev 12 2008, 19h22
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