Mar 5 2012, 18h46


welcome to my 200th journal post here. Anyway... it's just another

Last week in covers:

> Dido : her third album is still a mystery to me. Some songs have grown on me, but overall I tend to find something new each time I listen to it.
> Eddplant : there was this discussion about music on his tumblr, which made me give his album another spin. It’s quite good from a non-youtube view.
> Ed Sheeran : well, I just leave reference to last week’s entry here.
> Dirk Reichardt : I forgot how nice his score tunes are - he produced them for a mediocre German comedy film, however.
> Beyoncé : and another case of “rediscover that” albums that I find in my playlist. Her “Sasha Fierce” record was the best from my point of view.


Most played artists:
> Nickelback : I have revisited some of their older albums, which I found not as entertaining as the newer ones. ^^
> The Ting Tings : why did nobody tell me that they finally released their second album? The first impression was promising.
> Pitbull : I begin to like his second album. He definitely has a nose for party tracks. ^^

Most played tracks:
> Your Reputation : no matter what Tom Sinclair will do next, this song stays among the best he has done (in my opinion).
> Lullaby : I heard it on the radio somewhere and it instantly made me want to start iTunes. :-)

Tom Sinclair announced a release date for his next album - May 1st. May the Force be with him. :-P
John Mayer’s new album “Born 6 Raised” will also be released in May. The cover was revealed - and it looks quite artsy.
And soon there will be a new Sophie B. Hawkins album (“Crossing”) - can’t wait.
So far I am really happy with 2012.


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