Hello Earth


Abr 4 2011, 21h51


late + no time =

Last week in covers

> Katie Melua : still in love with her last album.
> Linkin Park : still not used to the new songs.
> Kate Bush : I started listening to one of her albums and for the moment I see her style as very strange and complex alternative pop. (title reference)
> The Naked And Famous : their music grows on me.
> Thirteen Senses : I love their music.


Most played artists:
> mr.tinoforever : I can’t tell how long it’s been, since I added his music to my library. But there it belongs now. ^^
> Placebo : I’m mostly familiar with the singles, but I’m interested to find more ballads by this band.
> Per Gessle : revisited his last solo project - mainly ballads.

Most played tracks:
> Rebellion : one of my favorite tracks.
> High Hopes : I don’t know much by Pink Floyd, but this track is just amazing in all its epicness.
> Special Needs : it’s such a beautiful song that it makes me want to get to know more of that kind. ^^

I watched a clip of Britney perform her new single which was pretty lame (considering all the hype and pyro effects). I say it once more : her success comes from brilliant producers - it’s not talent.
Oh, and I just heard that The Sounds will play here which makes me very happy. :-)



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