Mayhem Videos - Live in London


Fev 23 2008, 11h20

As threatened, I give you Mayhem videos from the Islington Academy show. Confirmation of the songs in the last three videos from you delightful ravenous black metal fiends out there would be great before I humiliate myself in public by getting them wrong.

So. Here you go:

Intro + Deathcrush

Freezing Moon

And the rest:

Illuminate Eliminate

A Time to Die

My Death
ETA: Having re-watched those videos, I now understand why my ribs are bruised. It's amazing how little you notice people slamming into you when you're slightly drunk and giddy.

ETA 2.0: Okay. Now it's just the fifth and final video that needs clarifying. Although I think it might be the second half of A Time to Die because I believe my camera batteries died and needed changing. That being said, I refer you to my prior edit and my plea of intoxication.


  • blainejoubert

    Nice work

    Fev 23 2008, 13h46
  • blainejoubert

    3rd video is Illuminate Eleminate 4th video is A time to die The 5th one escapes me :S

    Fev 23 2008, 14h17
  • Ekks_Scremant

    The 5th one is My Death :P Amaaaazing gig.

    Fev 24 2008, 1h59
  • forkiada

    Awesome work, thanks!

    Fev 24 2008, 21h21
  • metalmicky

    even more pissed that I missed this gig now...

    Fev 25 2008, 10h51
  • Lost_Souls_UK

    Great videos, its a miracle you got such a steady hand! This pieces together the missing fragments of drunkeness from that night. Hey, it [i]was[/i]a good show!

    Fev 27 2008, 9h18
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