Best of Each 30


Set 26 2007, 7h21

If you've just joined us, this is a list of the songs in my 'Best of Each' series of tapes, on which I place my favourite track from each album or compilation I acquire, in the order I got them. (Decisions may reflect my taste from as far back as 1989, may not correspond to contemporary conditions).

August 30th 2004 One Week - compilation 'Broadcast of the Best'

December 25th 2004 In Time - When It Falls

December 25th 2004 Ce Matin La - Moon Safari

December 25th 2004 Alpha Beta Gaga - Talkie Walkie

December 29th 2004 Alex Gopher "Gordini Mix" - Premiers Symptomes

December 29th 2004 Golden Lights - Louder Than Bombs

December 29th 2004 Utopia - Felt Mountain

February 12th 2005 Solsbury Hill and I Grieve - Hit

March 2005 (?) Mad World - The Hurting


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