Warped Tour '08


Jul 17 2008, 0h29

Wed 16 Jul – Warped Tour
Ah, My first Warped tour. It was probably the best experience of my life. The first thing that made this day great, was as Lauren, my cousin, and I were walking to the box office, one of the members of Greeley Estates, asked us if we wanted to help on the street team thing. I felt SO special wearing a VIP pass. But, let me tell you, walking around in the hot sun with your cousin holding a sign was not easy. But overall, it was a GREAT experience. When I got home, I researched them,and I definitely support them 100%.

Next, The bands that Lauren and I got to see were AMAZING. I really got into some of the bands I had never heard of in my life. I really enjoyed all of them, especially Anberlin. I really hadn't heard a lot of them before, but they have a really good beat, and there was a TON of positive energy when they played. It was just great to hear something other than what I'm used to.

Ah but yes, there were two negative parts of this experience. Lauren and I both started to feel sick, and had to leave early, and missing a lot of the bands that we had wanted to see. Such as The Bouncing Souls, Forever The Sickest Kids, Greeley Estates, The Pink Spiders, etc. The only other downer of this was the heat. But you know, not everything can be perfect all the time.

Overall, I really loved Warped Tour '08. I really would like to make it a tradition to attend with my cousin every year. We had a lot of fun. (:


  • BreakingRa

    prolyl started to feel sick cuz of dehydration. happened to me and ALL of my friends. actually first band out, As i Lay Dying, i ended up trhowing up to cu zi was defly not ready for the heat and i had no water in my system =/ but yes i agree this was a funtastic time, said by a first time warped tour person as well.

    Jul 17 2008, 3h28
  • GreenOdonata

    Yeahhh my friends and I were so thirsty we spent pretty much all of our money on water before we found the fountain and kept waiting in line to fill up with the nasty bathroom water. We drank so much liquid we all made ourselves sick, and STILL felt thirsty from sweating. It was like fucking 98 degrees with humidity! Ah well, it was fun anyway. Against Me! was my favorite set

    Jul 20 2008, 21h58
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