Top Ten as of the 10th February


Fev 10 2006, 21h48

Was a long time since I first did this. But I've been busy with stuff so I haven't got around to do it. But here we go! And the number between the () is the last postition since the last entry then... :P

Top Ten Artist...

10.Sebastian Karlsson with 68 plays. (7) [DOWN]
Fallen down a little bit, but now that I got more songs and that the guy have relased a single (plus an album coming soon) I bet he will go higher in this list.

9.John Williams with 70 plays. (4) [DOWN]
Woha, that is a falldown. Guess I just haven't been listening so much to the HP soundtracks for a while..

8.Enya with 83 plays. (5) [DOWN]
Ah, sometimes I listen to Enya, but it's not that kind of music I listen to all the time. It's just don't fit all the time, that's why it probably have fallen down, but yet, it have more plays.

7.Darin with 95 plays. (10) [UP]
Well... He IS great. Even if my family thinks he sucks. They just don't have any taste, do they? ;)

6.Agnes Carlsson with 100 plays. (9) [UP]
Ah, her debut album is just great. Plus I love her songs from Idol.

5.Yellowcard with 106 plays. (8) [UP]
Let me put it simply: I love them. I bet they will go even higher till the next lists I make. Because I say so.

4.Dashboard Confessional with 153 plays. (2) [DOWN]
Woha. I thought they would be higher. Well... I guess I need to listen more to them. :P

3.Anna Nalick with 153 plays. (-) [NEW]
Dude, I most have listen a lot to her. But she is avsome, so why not? :D

2.James Blunt with 158 plays. (3) [UP]
*hugs her Back to Bedlam album* :D

1.Kelly Clarkson with 313 plays. (1) [NON-MOVER]
*ahem* There is a huge difference between James and Kelly. But I do listen to other music. Heh...

Now over to the Top Ten Songs. This list changes too much to keep track on. But I'll try. :P

10.Kelly Clarkson - My Grown Up Christmas List with 21 plays. (4) [DOWN]
Still have the same plays as the last list...

9.Lustra - Scotty Doesn't Know with 22 plays. (6) [DOWN]
It's still funny, but yeah, I have too much music to get around to listen to this song, I guess.

8.Rachael Yamagata - Be Be Your Love with 24 plays(3) [DOWN]
Still amazing. But just as with the Lustra song... same thing with this one. :P

7.Anna Nalick - Wreck of the Day with 26 plays. (-) [NEW]
I adore this song. But I adore the whole frickin album (named after this song), so I guess maybe more songs from it will appear on this list...

6.Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone with 27 plays. (-) [NEW]
She just does this song just amazing. It fits her voice perfectly. :) Frickin' amazing song. :D

5.Evanescence - Lies with 28 plays. (7) [UP]
It just give me chills. And it just... get stuck in my mind all the time. Sure, I haven't listen that much from the last time. But it's scary how it get stuck in my head, I try to stay away. Otherwise it just have to be listen to again... and again. :P

4.Strawberry Shortcake - Cuppycake with 30 plays. (2) [DOWN]
Haven't listenened on... at all. It's cute and all, but... yeah. I guess I just have stayed away from it and forgotten about it. :P

3.Counting Crows - Holiday in Spain with 36 plays. (5) [UP]
*hugs song* It's just perfect.

2.Kelly Clarkson - Because of You with 37 plays. (-) [NEW]
Another amazing song by Miss Clarkson. And the musicvideo is nicely done too. :)

1.James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover with 58 plays. (-) [NON-MOVER]
It's just... wow. My crush is still staying strong for this song.

Some artist have fallen out from the lists, but they are not that far behind. Green Day, was on the list for the top artists, on a 6th place, but now is just a keeper for the 11th. (but only with a few plays behind) On the list of top songs, it changes like crazy. The only thing that stays stuck there, is Goodbye My Lover. It probably will stay there for a while too... :P

And yet, I have to decide how often I should make this list. Once a week is no fun, because it dosen't change very much. But around a month always works... I guess. :P


  • ImperfectAngel

    Great list you got there! Kelly's songs are definately amazing songs, and you should hold on tight to your Blunt album! Lol, it's flipping amazing! =)

    Fev 10 2006, 21h58
  • firerainy4

    Yeah... :D I'm holding on tight to my Blunt album! Yeah, it's amazing. I just love every single track on it. Hehe :)

    Fev 10 2006, 22h04
  • noonix

    nice list...

    Fev 10 2006, 23h29
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