• Free shit: New Noise Addict

    Set 3 2009, 22h35

    "Ben Lee has reformed Noise Addict with Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr./Sebadoh and Lara Meyerratken of El May. Their new 15-song album, It Was Never About The Audience, was released today for free download via http// It is the first music bearing the Noise Addict name in 13 years since the release of the debut full length album, Meet The Real You, released via Grand Royal in 1996."

  • What's new is old again

    Mar 25 2009, 16h14

    I've been listening to Enemy Mine by Swan Lake this week, and for some reason, the Bee Gees have been on my mind as well.


  • Free shit: Jagat Skad, "Last Night When We Were Young"

    Jan 12 2009, 18h01

    Dreamy (or nightmarish, depending on your predisposition), ambient indie pop from this German quintet doesn't make too much of an impression on first listen, but sit back and imagine it as the credits to a lost Wim Wender's film and you might be able to get into it.

    On this six-track EP released free on the band's official Web site, you'll find orchestral strings, appropriately Berlin-esque voiceovers, and some straight up goofy indie pop. Atmospheric would be a word that a reviewer might use. Sleepy might be another.
  • Free shit: Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza

    Jan 6 2009, 23h51

    I don't know who Ken (or Joe) is, but he makes some mad audio creations, or "mixes," as they are sometimes called in the biz.

    I'm also not sure where I first heard about Ken, or which show it was that I heard first, but he's got some cool "collages," if you're into random shit all thrown together.

    Ken has apparently been broadcasting a radio show called Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza for the past 15+ years on free-form radio station WFMU in New York.

    Self described as a "live improvised sound collage experiment," or more fully, "free-format radio bliss, with noises, feelings, sounds, backwards, forwards, approaching or receding from a black hole, sometimes inaudible to the human ear," Ken's shows include classical music, movie outtakes, zoo sounds, traffic, Hanson, and Radiohead.

    There's a lot of backmasking, altered tempo, and looping, such as when he turned 45 seconds of the Polyphonic Spree into 31 minutes, or, more famously, a few snippets of MmmBop into 11 minutes of annoyingly wonderful rubbish.

    I don't quite know what the hell is going on with Ken's Last Ever Extravaganza, but I like it. Many of his old shows are available for download, but because of the length (usually 1 hour, but up to 3-6 hours), I usually opt for the streaming option. Enjoy. I sure do.
  • Free shit: Satanic Messiah

    Out 21 2008, 23h41

    A new EP from The Mountain Goats called Satanic Messiah features four new songs on a vinyl record in a limited 666-edition release. Although normal folks like you and me probably won't score a copy of the record, digital files are available in FLAC, AAC, and MP3 on the Web site, from either torrent or direct download.

    From the attached read-me doc:

    the Mountain Goats Satanic Messiah EP

    1. Sarcofago Live
    2. Wizard Buys a Hat
    3. Satanic Messiah
    4. Gojam Province 1968

    recorded summer 2008 by at Baucom Road
    committed to tape by Scott Solter
    written and played by John Darnielle
    released in a vinyl edition of 666 copies; available in several digital formats at
    we will come to know our shapes

    All files are available at no cost to the listener; you need not give us your email address or anything. Donations, however, through either PayPal or Google Checkout, are greatly appreciated, and, lest there be any question, are earnestly desired; neither the recording nor the mastering (nor the pressing, Jah knows) were free, and this site exists as something of an experiment. If you choose to accept these songs, please stop by the collection plate ( and sow your faith-seed, which, like a grain of mustard, et cetera.

    Listening now ...
  • Free shit: RAC - Nintendo vs. Sega

    Out 9 2008, 4h04

    The Remix Art Collective has a boatload of free remixes on its Web site. I've been listening to the above EP, Nintendo vs. Sega. Great video game soundtrack for the adventures of modern life.

    01 - Super Mario Bros (RAC Mix)
    02 - Sonic: Labyrinth Zone 5 (RAC Maury Mix)
    03 - A Link To The Past (RAC Mix)
    04 - Sonic: Spring Yard Zone (RAC Maury Mix)
  • Free shit: Deathbot

    Out 1 2008, 18h18

    (No, not that Deathbot.)

    In their own words, Deathbot is "the indie-americana product of singer songwriters R. Mansfeld & Joseph James, former frontmen for New York's punk rap group Turbulence & Calibrate and the California alt-country band, Big Wheels."

    In reality, it's a bit of alt-country with a lot of lo-fi Americana, whatever that might mean to you. It's pretty good, if you're into that shit. Best, all Deathbot music is free for download.

    Download the new album, Cold Wind Revival, as well as all of their available EPs at the music page on the official Deathbot site.