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Jun 11 2007, 15h54

Hooray for indie Hip Hop!

The Blue Scholars just posted the new video off their new LP "Bayani." Its a protest song called "Back Home."

Whether or not you agree with the politics (because I don't agree entirely with the song), it has to make you wonder what the rest of the hip-hop community is doing rapping about rims, grills and hoes when there are obviously more pressing social issues at hand. Again . . . politics aside, I wish there were more hip-hop artists using their voice to same something constructive - anything. Pro-war, anti-war, democrat, republican, communist, libertarian . . . I couldn't care less! Just stop putting out garbage about your lady humps and diamond studded teeth. Good grief!

So anyone that likes some of the artists on the Quannum label - Blackalicious, Lateef And The Chief, Lifesavas - or any other socially conscious groups, you should check out the Blue Scholars. The other 2 groups on their label MASSLine are Common Market and Gabriel Teodros. Check them out as well . . . and dig up some old RA Scion if you dig Common Market and Abyssinian Creole if you like Teodros.

There is so much good hip-hop out there . . . too bad that the only stuff in the media is mostly trash. So sad.

Here's the Back Home Video:


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