daniel johnston


Nov 7 2011, 6h30

His work is really intimidating, get a greatest hits album. I'd get 'The Late Great Daniel Johnston' because it has the original songs by him and covers that are more accessible to people who dislike his voice.

My favorite albums in order:
1. Songs Of Pain - best songs imo, a bit uneven but has his best piano playing and songwriting
2. 1984 Retired Boxer - tighest, smoothest release of great songs. depressing but refined
3. Yip Jump Music - many of his famous songs on here, few bad songs
4. 1990 - REALLY ABSTRACT, some great great great studio songs, some decent live songs, some shitty live songs
5. Hi How Are You - might be a good starter, his most crazy, frantic album. Only half-done though, some songs are very short. The great ones are amazing though.
---big step down---
Don't Be Scared - a handful of classic DJ songs
---big step down---
rest of pre1990 albums
restoof post1990 albums
---HUGE step down---
More Songs of Pain - avoid at all costs. terrible


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