• Concert review

    Fev 21 2009, 11h38

    Fri 20 Feb – Emiliana Torrini, Lay Low

    I must confess, I've only gotten into her this week, and quite coincidentally too, someone mentioned that I should listen to Stina Nordenstam, as that was probably someone whose music I would like. I did, on here, not bad at all, but I found Anja Garbarek and Emiliana Torrini better as similar artists
    Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I saw Emiliana was playing in Paradiso Amsterdam that very evening.
    I called Paradiso to find out if the concert was sold out or not, which it wasn't, some 300 tickets were still unsold.
    If I came early, I would easily be able to get a ticket, which of course I did.

    The support act, Lay Low, comprised of a female singer who played some interesting tunes on her guitar, and wasn't a bad singer either, and a (her boy?) friend who accompanied her, sometimes om guitar, and sometimes providing the rhythm by hitting said guitar.
    They played for half an hour, and got a good response from the crowd.

    When the main act was due on, the place was pretty well jam packed.
    I had no idea what to expect of Emiliana, and was pretty well surprised when she first of all started telling a story for what seemed like a couple of minutes, in the same accent that Björk has, and she was funny too.
    There must be something in the Icelandic water...

    When the band started the first song the band sounded nice and tight. The guitar player was obviously very good.
    Each song was received with rapturous applause, especially the louder ones, in which the guitarist excelled. I don't know the songs well enough to comment on them, yet.

    They played for more than an hour, the public certainly wanted more, and with three and then two, more songs, they got what they wanted.

    All in all, a very good concert.
  • Re-tagging

    Jan 29 2009, 15h45

    Excellent, some things that were not correct, have been re-tagged.
    Although it does change my playlist. I had 'The Arcade Fire' with 21 plays, and 'Arcade Fire with 10 plays, now they've been merged into one 'Arcade Fire', and have become my most played band.
    And luckily the ska band 'The English Beat' has had it's name changed to 'The Beat', I suppose that comes from the mix-ups with 'The Paul Collins Beat'.
    And my most played song has become "Float On" by Modest Mouse, I must have had two of those, without noticing.
  • Yippee !! It's arrived.

    Fev 15 2008, 16h53

    15 days after ordering it, when it was said it would arrive within the week, the Paul Morley book, Joy Division: Piece by Piece had arrived at the shop I ordered it at.
    I would be called when the book was at the shop, but I had received no call, but still I paid a visit to the shop. The girl who helped me said at once "Oh, the English book" and handed it over at once.
    Asking why I had received no call, it looked like the girl who had helped me the first time wrote down a wrong telephone number, say the last five digits of my number are somthing like 93762 (altered slightly), the number which was in the computer was 81785, which doesn't even come close, neither is it a number in our village.
    Puzzling to say the least. Maybe it was of my own doing, sometimes when in a shop I usually try to be at least cordial to the girls that help you, seeing how some people treat them like shit, and they don't earn much either. I'm digressing, sorry.
    I'm really chuffed! Paul Morley really is an old hero of mine. He's into Radiohead as well now, they've been my favourite group for a while now. He even did a review of 'In Rainbows' in The Guardian. I found it terribly funny, but I suspect several of the younger readers clearly couldn't appreciate his dry Mancunian wit. Read for yourselves: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/observermusic/2007/10/rainbow_warriors.html
    It might even be possible that he's on Newsnight Review tonight on BBC2, he usually has something sensible to say about the newest cultural releases.
  • The irony

    Fev 13 2008, 13h31

    On the same say as I write an entry into the journal concerning the demise of one of our countries top record shops, my delivery from CD Now (Amazon) arrived by post.
    I had ordered the last Radiohead record, In Rainbows, I had already downloaded it last year (and yes, I did pay for it, five pounds to be precise + admin charges)
    Seeing Radiohead, who are still my favourite group, perform live on Jools Holland's 200th edition of the Later programme spurred me on to do the order.
    Besides Radiohead there were excellent performances by Cat Power and Feist. Cat Power I knew, as I already had one of her records, and I was just beginning to get to know Feist, by way of Last FM.
    Doing my homework on how to aquire the Radiohead record most cheaply, I arrived on the Amazon site, and looked around for a while checking other artists out, and how much their records would cost.
    To my pleasant surprise the Radiohead record was pretty cheap, and if I ordered two Feist records (Let It Die & The Reminder)it would total $35,41 which was 23,78 euro's on the day I ordered.
    Three good records for less than 8 euro's each was an offer too good to refuse.

    Well today they arrived, thus far I have only played the first Feist record (Let It Die), and I liking it, it has a nice jazzy feel to it, currently I'm playing Radiohead. The first thing that strikes you is that this 'proper' cd has a far better sound quality than the downloaded one. One of the reasons why I bought it as well.

    I could go on, but I think I'll stop here.
  • Very sad

    Fev 13 2008, 11h52

    One of our countries most prestigious record shops, Boudisque, that is situated in close proximity to Amsterdam Central station, is going to close its doors at the end of the next month.
    Downloading and internet sales have taken its toll. (things I'm guilty of as well) The new rent contract couldn't be afforded anymore. A big shame.
    Not that I've been there recently and bought any records, I think the last time I was there must be about five years ago, when I bought three records for thirty euro's.
    I'm not as mobile as I used to be, but the shop was damned handy when travelling through Amsterdam by train, you'd get off, walk to the shop (probably no more than 300m from the station), buy all the records you wanted to, sample any other new stuff and catch the same train an half hour later. I used to love doing this.
    I will make a nostalgic visit before it shuts though.
    Like the heading says, very sad.

    For those who can read Dutch, here's an article on the subject: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/artikelen/artikel/39216275
  • Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown

    Fev 12 2008, 6h58

    Hey, girl, stop what you're doin'!
    Hey, girl, you'll drive me to ruin.
    I don't know what it is that I like about you, but I like it a lot.
    Won't let me hold you, Let me feel your lovin' charms.

    *Communication Breakdown, It's always the same,
    I'm having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!

    Hey, girl, I got something I think you ought to know.
    Hey, babe, I wanna tell you that I love you so.
    I wanna hold you in my arms, yeah!
    I'm never gonna let you go,'Cause I like your charms.

    * Chorus

    This song is so easy to relate to, everyone has that person that they like so much and just breakdown and dont know what to say around them.
    This is especially the case when the communications are very one-sided. I.e. He does all the running, and she doesn't answer back, even though she promises to.
    And being very suggestive publically, but to whom?
    Very Frustrating.
  • Later 200 with Jools Holland

    Jan 31 2008, 7h49

    For those who can receive it, a festive version of this great programme tomorrow.

    Starring this time are: Radiohead, Feist, Cat Power, Mary J Blige and Dionne Warwick.

    Not to be missed I'd say.

  • Good interview (by fans) of Radiohead

    Jan 28 2008, 18h07

  • Portishead's Third out in April

    Jan 28 2008, 16h32

    Apparantly. Will their sound have changed much?
    We've waited long enough.
  • Portishead's Third out in April

    Jan 28 2008, 16h31

    Apparantly. Will their sound have changed much?
    We've waited long enough.