The Misery Garden - Another Great Day on Earth (lyrics)


Fev 14 2010, 21h50

1. Another Great Day on Earth

Escaping shadows, I feel I am reborn
I am alive like never been before
I reconnect the fragments, rediscover the light
Looks like this is the another day on earth

Then I look away and see where I.m coming from cured my injuries, my doubts and fears

I watch the world like I never watched before

Then I look away and see where I.m coming from

For the first time, the veil is torn apart, and I tell myself:
.It.s alright, all will be fine now .

I.ll never be afraid anymore, found the strength to carry on
No matter if sometime I get confused, I.ll keep on trying, keep on living
2. Vermilion River

And all is gone, no more breathe on your frozen lips
And every word now sounds so bitter sweet
You've buried our soul so deep into this lie:
ŤTogether, forever .ť

Your heart is like .

A misery garden full of dead flowers

All joy just fades away
Your jaded soul beg for deliverance
You keep on deny the pain

You blame yourself to enjoy this cold despair
Would you really ask for more if could reverse the time?
A distant voice reverberating into the dark
Makes you remember all the things you've lost

'Cross my heart and hope to die'
Vermilion River running dry
Drawn on your wrist, a blooming rose
Of blood to celebrate your suffering

Exquisite downfall in your eyes
Welcoming death into your arms
A cold kiss to make you whisper
'Will you be my deadly Valentine?'

3. Rejection Song

Misunderstanding or just delusion
Infatuation, deceptive words
It always taste the same, it's all in vain
You cannot have me with just common place

You thought you could see in my heart and soul
How could you know me since you despise me?

I'm not the fool in this game
I am the one who stand away
No matter what you say
I'm not the fool in this game
As you disguise your emptiness
Behind a mask of loneliness

A dead end right ahead, so please just turn away
Since I don't want to be the single-use friend
Your life is full of lies, it's all what you can give
I'm not here to take your pain

A light to call upon weaknesses
Exquisite trap for condescendence

You thought you could see in my heart and soul
How could you know me since you despise me?

I don.t want to play
4. Instant Recoil

This night is like a perfect veil
To cover all my suffering
The light has slowly fade away found the peace among the shadows

(Recoil move on)
I.m overwhelmed
(Recoil move on)
I feel so blissful

My wounds wide open, I let them bleed
All the deceptions, all what feared
It.s drained away, I.m clean again found salvation in the darkness

I .m deaf and speechless
Amazed by such a grace
My sight has changed forever
Overcome by the delight
5. Force feed

I wish I could just free myself
From all those empty words
I scratch the surface then walk away
There's nothing I could find for me

You won.t force-feed my mind
I.ll just never give up
And never hide myself
Into the deepest hole

I'm standing behind a wall of stained light
Waiting to find another straight line
I see the design with my very eyes
And disconnect myself from all the roots of pain

I feel no joy, I feel no hate
Just superficial existence
A shallow life, a bad disguise
For constant suffering

6. Pantomime

I can't believe all what I see
It doesn't make sense to me
And all those pictures of misery
It's far more than I wish to feel

What is wrong with the world today?
So many people dying
In front of my eyes I.m hypnotized
I can.t look away

My head is spinning, their voice, whispering:

We fall so fast and close
We scream in silence then hit the ground

And all the killings don't even scarred me
Expecting worst, enjoying it
Is something broken inside of me
Since nothing really touches me?

What is wrong with the world today?
So many people dying
In front of my eyes I.m hypnotized
I can.t look away

My head is spinning, their voice, whispering:

I feel I am the very last man
Safely hidden behind my screen
Watching this carousel of ghost
Like a lifeless pantomime
7. Bittersweet

I'm sitting by the sea
In loneliness
The sounds of cities
Now far away

This picture in my head
Just you and me
We were so happy
We were so free

I remember the days when we could shine like the stars

I remember the tears
How much cried
This taste on my tongue
So bittersweet

I remember the days when we could shine like the stars

Sometime the past is like a wound
Sometime it's like a deja vu
But all we had just makes me smile
Whatever the pain I feel inside
8. On The Edge

I feel so disconnected, I'm not concerned with people apathy
I'm not confused by what I see: it's just a sum of cliché
It's not the road I want to take
I need to find another way
With no more fear or useless injuries

(Don.t walk away)
No one is safe in this life, it's all we have to realize
Whatever we'll left behind, we'll finish buried deep into the ground

Is there no god above our head?
Are we pieces of mortal flesh?

It's not the road I want to take
I need to find another way
With no more fear or useless injuries

I don't want to be scared or run away
I don't need to be like you, just need to be myself
I don't want to fear the consequences
I really don.t care and just follow my way
To be at war against ourselves is the only choice that remains
To find the sense of existence into this world of shit
9. Swan Song

The light has gone
A cold obsession is growing in my mind
My tears cannot sustain me anymore

The sun has burnt my eyes
I.m not able to see any reason to remain here
Please burry me now

My flesh is numb, my heart is ruined, bleeding torn apart
Look at my soul: it.s soiled from all your crimes

All I wish is to find deliverance
A comfortable way to stop the pain
A never-ending lullaby
To fall asleep one last time
10. Dirty Playground

You complete my soul, your fragile breath caressing me, removing all the pain
We melt into delight and sweet suffering, a joy never achieved

Save me from myself, I'm so afraid

I 'm standing in this place, soaked by the sunlight, and you refill my heart
With pure consolation, your warm, white skin naked on black sheets

Save me from myself, I'm so afraid to loose my soul in the darkness
To collapse in despair, like a shaky house of cards
I.m lost without your smile, stay close to me
Don't let me fall in the shadows, don't let me bleed
Don.t let me die or disappear in your eyes, I'm frail into your arms
11. Fractured Days

It's time to say goodbye
There's nothing more to hope tonight
And all the things we've made
And all the games we've played
It.s all shattered beyond repair

You look confused and I don't care
I can.t forget the fractured days
You look confused but I don.t care
It.s just a matter of distress

It's time to left it all behind
Before the pain tear us apart
All the mistakes we've made
And all the tears we've shed
Became meaningless
I .m far away from you

I wish I could believe your words
But they are just leftover
Of this violent passion we once shared
I wish could still feel the same
The pulse of love into my chest
Now there is nothing left but emptiness
12. A Tasteless Poison

This precious innocence is like a bleeding wound
A sweet damnation, a fool.s belief
We drink the venom shed, our thirst can't be appease
The betrayal is here, kiss after kiss

Could we just deny the flesh, could we really play dead?
Whatever we try, whatever we say, it still remain the same

We drown into the sea of our delicious lies
It's in our veins, it's in our hearts
We die, we are reborn, and tomorrow.s forever gone bind into this suffering
Your touch never turns cold, my skin is like a curtain
I want to tear apart, since burning me deep inside caught into a perfect trap, a never-ending fall
There.s no way to go back, this tasteless poison is in our flesh now
13. Say no Word

Casual distance, passionless movements
Your face is a plain pattern of indifference

So tell me why here
If you don.t really to speak
Please say no word

Embarrassed strangers
There.s nothing worst than all the leftovers of our past deceptions
A toxic disdain, unrestrained coldness
It.s my round to be unpleasant: what is your poison?

There.s no moment of truth, nothing we could look forward
A dead-ended situation, spare me this useless smile
Why bother to pretend, or feigning indulgence
When we are so dissociated: did we ever know each other?
14. Everything come to an end

There.s no more hope, there's no more faith
I couldn't change the things I've made
I won't deny, I won.t pretend
I know I've lost it all again

My frustrations are submerging me
I am drown into my very own delusion

I went too far this time beyond the sanity line
How I could cure the pain I feel so deep inside of me?

I don't try to get over with
Anger is all what I can feel

And everything comes to an end, and everyone shall disappear just meaningless
And everything comes to an end, everything will just fade away in emptiness

The Misery GardenAnother Great Day on Earth


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