iPop! 3.0


Mar 19 2009, 0h59

I made 3.0 awfully fast after 2.0.
1.0 had a lot more breathing room, and is also a more consistent playlist.
2.0 is pretty damn good, but also pretty damn catchy, which makes for a short visit.
3.0 has its moments.

1. Into the Groove
2. he ain't heavy, he's my brother
3. She Loves Everybody
4. We Built This City
5. I Want You Back
6. Is It Any Wonder?
7. Cornflake Girl
8. About a Girl
9. Built To Last
10. Solar Sister
11. The Walk
12. Papa Don't Preach
13. I'm Yours
14. Poker Face
15. What It Feels Like for a Girl
16. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
17. The Trial of the Century
18. Low
19. Gravity

Some mistakes here. First, I cannot put slow pop ballads on these mixes ever again. When I put in an iPop! mix, I want to dance around in my car and sing like I'm on American Idol. Songs like "Gravity" and "The Trial of the Century", while great songs, do not belong here. I tend to skip them.

Another skipper is "We Built This City". This song has always been kind of a wonder to me. I think there are some very nice hooks throughout, but overall it just leaves me feeling sticky. It's just tooooooooooooooooooo...... much.

"Solar Sister" also feels kind of awkward. It's a little too artsy indie to make a comfortable addition. The chorus is great, but the verses just don't do it. That solo though, that guitar solo can plop itself nicely just about anywhere. Drrroooooolllllloool.

I should have put Travis Barker's remake of "Low" on here instead of the original. One, I like it better; two, the original has an angry brooding feel to it that I don't want when I'm listening to iPop!.

Getting sick of "Cornflake Girl", like whoa.

Also, I think I'm beginning to abuse the Madonna. 4.0 won't have no Madge, k?


  • fondueknights

    I think I like 1.0 the most out of all of these. They each have their potential, though. Suited for different kinds of poppy. Really, Papi.

    Mar 24 2009, 1h31
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