Nov 27 2005, 20h59

I love this man, I really do. And if someone were to ask me why I love his music the way that I do, I wouldn't be able to answer. Technically speaking, what he does is pretty much straight up rock n'roll. Bowie was all about theatrics and orchestral epics. Iggy was raw and ravenous, hardly ever "pretty". Bolan.... When I listen, I see Marc leading a slew of people in and out of cosmopolitan streets with a flag or torch of some sort (wearing his Slider hat, of course). Band members behind him, marching and playing and high as kites. Civilians follow with the hand-claps that are always so outstanding an element in his songs.

I recently purchased The Slider import, containing a bonus disc of working versions of the album tracks. That Bolan spark has been ignited once again, so expect to see T.Rex at the top of my weekly artists when updated.

Baby Strange
Chariot Choogle

I musn't neglect the entire week, though. There was a time when it wasn't all about the T.Rextacy.

Light My Candle
Jesus of Suburbia
Day Old Blues
Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was
Back Together
Ode to Divorce
Just Like You
The Origin of Love


  • Serpent_axed

    I listened to Radiohead's How do you, and the Smiths-Hand in glove. I admire your devotion to the T Rex

    Dez 19 2005, 8h57
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