WoM #10 - 28th May - SJ Esau live in session


Mai 30 2007, 22h38

Anticon Records artist SJ Esau joined Theo Berry and Anton Maiof in the BCfm studio for a frank discussion of God and Haircuts and to play some of his ace wrong-pop songs in among top tune action by Whalebone Polly, My Two Toms, The Girl From Headquarters, Animal Collective, Clor, The Glitzy Bag Hags and many more (including some dubious Italo disco)

originally broadcast on www.bcfm.org.uk 93.2 on Monday 28th May 2007, 9pm

Part 1: http://wordofmouthradio.podomatic.com/entry/2007-05-30T14_15_48-07_00

Part 2: http://wordofmouthradio.podomatic.com/entry/2007-05-29T13_44_32-07_00




Clor - Magic Touch
Santa Dog - Belle de Jour
My Two Toms - goodbye basement-a-limbo
Max Tundra - Merman
Safetyword - Hellebore
Devo - Freedom of choice
Whalebone Polly - Do More Dancing
Seagull Strange - Missing the point
Naked City - Batman
Animal Collective - Did you see the words?
The glitzy bag hags - David Hasslehoff
SJ Esau - frustrating (live)
Sexy Bitch - This is our pornography
DMX cru -17 ways to break my heart
SJ Esau - Human Annoyed (live)
Valerie Dove - Emotion
Morgan Fisher (Jah Wurzel) - Wuthering Heights
The Girl From Headquarters - On Reflection
SJ Esau - Queasy Beliefs (live)
The Hearts - Lonely Nights
The Wraiths - Movers & Shakers of the World
2hrsTEN - A loss of momentum
venus bogardus - Jacques Riguard
Frank Zappa - Joe Garage
MF DOOM feat. Paul Barman - Hot Guacaulle
Lacuna - Nightingale Valley
Hacksaw - We're going home now

and tonight's bed music was the album "All your memories return at once" by Mole Harness


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