• Good taste in smooth jazz

    Out 19 2010, 18h58

    Czw 14 X – Chris Botti

    Chris and his band played in Warsaw last week.

    Chris is just fantastic!
    He and his band just enjoyed the sounds as befits the Champions, have established through music, dialogue with the audience, and with one another - they all understand each other perfectly.
    With a beautiful violinist Caroline Campbell, Chris performed the song Emmanuel and not only.
    Another guest was a Grammy Award winner - a unique singer Lisa Fischer, who sang My One And Only Love and When I Fall in Love.
    Chris and his core group of musicians are highly skilled and you can tell they love playing together.
    I would highly recommend you see and listen to Chris Botti.
    One word - revelation! Something amazing! something unique!
  • Sting's beautiful concert

    Set 24 2010, 12h14

    Pon 20 IX – Poznań Dla Ziemi - Sting Symphonicity

    There are no words to describe what Sting together with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has presented in Poznan. They provided plenty of thrills and beauty through his music ... Acoustics - as in recording studio - you could hear every instrument, every note.

    A lot of tracks from the time The Police and Sting's solo career, the excellent arrangements, very good contact with the audience, several encores.
    Symphonicities even in parts doesn't reflect this, how wonderful Sting has played live with these musicians...
    Absolutely amazing music event :))).