Voices of the Lifestream - early impressions


Set 28 2007, 7h06

Here are some of my initial thoughts about Voices of the Lifestream. This game music rearrangement/remix album totals 4 CDs worth of material, and the originals are from Final Fantasy 7.

I have given it a few listen-throughs as background music and a few pieces have caught my attention and got more focused listens. So it's got some gems. The album is also nicely segued, so a lot of transitions between the tracks have musical quality in themselves and add to the whole. And the overall quality is good. Often I feel many rearrangements are overproduced - I like more visceral takes. Comparing to - in my opinion - rather limp Chrono Symphonic, this collection sounds fresh.

I've only played FF7 a little so the music isn't particularly nostalgic for me, although Nobuo Uematsu (the original composer of much of Final Fantasy music through the series) is always a favourite. I do recall thinking that PS1 sounded worse than Super Nintendo when it came to Nobuo's music. So I guess from that point of view FF7 is great source material for reinterpretation.

I particularly like:

* djpretzel's and Vigilante's Short Skirts (Tifa's Theme) - mellow nujazz treatment of (apparently) a really tasty original melody. I've liked djpretzel's stuff before and really should listen to more of his tracks.

* Mustin - Serenity (Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII) - again a somewhat nu/acidjazzy track, with atmospheric pianos, tasty rhythm guitar licks and excellent development of the music through different moods and tensions/releases. I'm intrigued by the track partly because the original theme itself is a more tense variation of the "Prelude" theme of the whole series. A guitar figure towards the end reminiscent of Mansun's Legacy is also a plus.

* Shnabubula - Stone Eyes (The Great Warrior) and pot hocket's Daydreaming Again (Words Drowned by Fireworks) make up a rather pleasant segue: first an emotive solo piano track, then a peaceful acoustic guitar duo piece.

* JigginJonT - Hydrophone Breakdown (Secret of the Deep Sea). I'm not sure if I like the wailing on the cymbals here, but the track has good loud-peaceful dynamics and the source piece (again, apparently) has some really engaging chord changes. This is mainly an electric piano piece - seems there's a lot of piano in these tracks that I enjoy..

These links seem to break when posting, so I'll stick them here in the end.

http://ff7.ocremix.org - Voices of the Lifestream" href="http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Various+Artists/http:%2F%2Fff7.ocremix.org+-+Voices+of+the+Lifestream" class="bbcode_album">http://ff7.ocremix.org - Voices of the Lifestream

http://chrono.ocremix.org" href="http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Various+Artists/Chrono+Symphonic+-+http:%2F%2Fchrono.ocremix.org" class="bbcode_album">Chrono Symphonic - http://chrono.ocremix.org nofollow=yes


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    throw in airships make me happy and motor crazycycle and youve named my favorites

    Abr 29 2009, 9h27
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