Top 10 The National lyrics that would sound silly if sung by anyone else


Jul 13 2010, 23h26

Look. I love The National. I love their lyrics. I love everything about them. But sometimes, because of Matt Berninger's deep bass voice, they make the mundane or downright ridiculous sound heavy. The following lyrics have made me chuckle:

10. Sometimes you get up and bake a cake or something, sometimes you stay in bed (Racing Like a Pro)
Commentary: This would make sense if there were sedatives baked into the cake, I guess, and you're eating it to go to sleep. But in that case, why go through all the trouble of baking? I also like that he knows the line is so ridiculous that he has to add an "or something".

9. Bees flew out and up their skirts 'cause they wanted to travel the world (Blank Slate)
Commentary: This sounds like a plot summary for the worst Pixar movie ever.

8. I don't have a hawk in my heart, no dumbass dove in my brain (Thirsty)
Commentary: Got it. There are no birds in any part of his body. Maybe a retarded sparrow in his kidney?

7. It's a common fetish for a doting man to ballerina on the coffee table, cock in hand. (Karen)
Commentary: Don't worry, it's totally common, I swear!

6. We'll play nuns versus priests until somebody cries (Little Faith)
Commentary: If only the kids on the playground were this imaginative when I was growing up.

5. They're going to send us to prison for jerks (Guest Room)
Commentary: I was really hoping they'd send us to the prison for misunderstood nice people.

4. They're all gonna be cool happy genius heroes (Santa Clara)
Commentary: I would be impressed with them just being heroes. But they're also cool, happy, and geniuses? Wow.

3. I'm a birthday candle in a circle of black girls (All the Wine)
Commentary: ...

2. We'll run like we're awesome, totally genius (The Geese of Beverly Road)
Commentary: When I'm running, I ask myself, "How would an AWESOME person run?" And then i run that way.

1. I was afraid I'd eat your brains, 'cause I'm evil (Conversation 16)
Commentary: Why are you eating my brains? 'Cause I'm EVIL.


  • SoapMagic

    This journal entry is awesome.

    Set 10 2010, 3h51
  • LOLsharms


    Out 6 2010, 5h16
  • firstgreenroom

    I've always thought the exact same thing when I'm writing lyrics...

    Dez 28 2010, 2h13
  • xBlueRavenx

    this is great

    Mar 29 2011, 21h03
  • Omniculex

    That juxtaposition of depth with the seemingly ridiculous is why their such a vital band today. No one makes apparently nonsensical statements ring with such clarity.

    Mai 11 2011, 20h48
  • TaniaMD

    genius entry!

    Mai 27 2011, 22h42
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    Out 22 2011, 13h24
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    Dez 9 2011, 3h25
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    Jan 24 2012, 0h33
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