Keep your blood clean, your body lean


Jun 19 2007, 17h12

This is my new mantra, courtesy of the very awesome Henry Rollins.

I've been a little slow in coming to the church of Henry having had respect for him for many years however it has only been in the last six months or so that I have really begun to appreciate the guy and how damn driven and prolific he is.

I was first blessed with seeing Henry at a Big Day Out a couple of years ago. If memory serves me correct, Mudvayne had to cancel at the last minute (no more than two days before)and Henry must have been in the area as he took their place. And as much as I like Mudvayne, I'm glad I got to see Rollins instead. He is everything that is good about America. Big, brash and angry but also incredibly intelligent and witty. And just a touch insane, manifested in this huge amount of intensity that I imagine would be unnerving should I ever have the pleasure of meeting the man.

This post was only going to contain the songs I'm listening to currently while I work out but I felt he deserved to be mentioned as I consider him a somewhat personal trainer, albeit one that doesn't yell and scream at me directly.

My workout setup consists of a punch bag in a hot and sweaty garage behind the house and an old cd player that provides me with the drive I need to get through a session without getting bored.

I can't punch while listening to Rollins, but if I listen to him beforehand he provides the perfect motivation to get angry and hit something in a constructive way, that and his clean and lean body and blood ideal suits me just fine.

To keep me company I have a steadily rotating cd of music with the intention of keeping me pumped throughout until the pain is over and I can relax until the next time. Exercising for me without music or comedy is near impossible, so to the tracks that follow, I salute you. And Mr Rollins, thank you.

Current workout playlist:
Bartender - Great album
Caboose - For the good old days
Control - On a well placed whim
Engine No. 9 - Favourite song by my favourite band
Frustrated Again - Another great album from my youth
Icky Thump - Album of the year so far
Just Go - Not a ballad to be found
Made Of Scars - Fast growing on me
One Step Closer - More memories
only one - Purely for the anger. Grrr
Pleasure In Pain - Another album of the year so far.
Random Acts Of Senseless Violence - And why not?
Redneck - Love this band
Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants - In readiness for the new album
Shutdown - Awesome hitting song. Again with the grrr
Sick, Sick, Sick - Need to have some fun while I do this
Slanderous - My final album of the year so far
Suicyco Muthafucka - More good times from moons ago
The New Black - If everything I do is wrong then by god I'll do it right
Waffle - Just good old fashioned metal
You Again - Touch of kiwi from back home


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