Jun 25 2010, 17h33

Wed 23 Jun – Melvins

My head and ears are still ringing.

Overall, it was a head and ears ringing show the duel drumming is a sight to be seen. The Melvins is either a band you get or you don't get there is no middle ground. First time I caught them since they played with Primus many moons ago. They have certainly changed since then but still kick much ass live!

01 Sacrifice
02 Civilized Worm
03 Black Stooges
04 Pighouse
05 Electric Flower
06 Anaconda
07 Black Bock
08 Kicking Machine
09 Billy Fish
10 Skin Horse
11 The Water Glass
12 Evil New War God
14 The Talking Horse
15 Lysol
16 Let It All Be
17 My Generation (The Who cover)
18 Revolve
19 Bacon Industry (Karp cover)
20 Lovely Butterfly


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