A good first concert of 2012


Jan 23 2012, 19h33

Sat 21 Jan – The Kills, Jeff The Brotherhood, Hunters

I made the trip out to KC in order to see both The Kills, and JEFF the Brotherhood. I was happy to be surprised by Hunters. All three acts were good. The Kills performed Willie Nelson's song "Crazy" halfway through, and a slow version of Nail In My Coffin (which worked surprisingly well). The Midland venue staff weren't as nice as the staff in the Denver venues I patronize. Also, the beer selection sucked.

The Kills Set List:
1. No Wow
2. Future Starts Slow
3. Heart Is a Beating Drum
4. Kissy Kissy
5. U.R.A. Fever
6. DNA
7. Satellite
8. Crazy
9. Baby Says
10. Nail in My Coffin
11. Black Balloon
12. Tape Song
13. Cheap and Cheerful
14. Pots and Pans

15. Last Goodbye
16. Sour Cherry
17. Fuck the People
18. Monkey 23


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