• Albums: March 2011

    Mar 9 2011, 23h13

    hjasdjksd yay, I remembered to buy albums again.


    it is great coming come to this and jamming to it for three hours. obviously.

    Rubber Soul

  • Albums: February 2011

    Fev 18 2011, 19h41

    I wish I wasn't poor, innit.

    Bob Dylan

    So on Wednesday I woke up late and ditched school to go into the city instead, and admittedly it so awesome that I learnt nothing about the negative consequences of bunking. Finding the Beatles Store was just... yes.
  • Albums: January 2011

    Jan 16 2011, 15h34

    Eugh God it's 2011, how did that happen?
    (by which I meant to put forward that my sentiments were 'last year went very quickly didn't it')
    Oh well, who cares? I already have more albums and a jacket.

    (I had an epiphany before bed the other week that this would be a good choice.)

    So it's become clear to me, after getting a Hard Day's Night, that I need to get all of the Beatles' albums in physical form or I will die or something. Also, a whole buttload of albums by other '60s bands, because I have none. The shame.
  • Albums: December 2010

    Dez 31 2010, 19h32

    So I waited until the last day of the year to actually buy some albums, because I thought it would be really sad for me to have not gotten any since early August. I didn't get any for Christmas (a bit of a le gasp but I DID get a motherfuckin synthesizer and a watch and some films and some badges and stuff), and before that most of my money has gone on silly things which I have forgotten, like pens and softcore drugs and hats. I mean, not my hat though, I love my hat.

    A Hard Day's Night (God yessss I finally got my first physical Beatles album! I wanted Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or Magical Mystery Tour but they didn't have any because I dunno [rage], so I got the best one they had.)
    Highway 61 Revisited
    (2 for £10, baby.)

    Christmas money is cool... I spent £40 of it in HMV today (blehh), £25 on albums and then the rest on a Bowie mug, a Beatles poster and some other mug my brother wanted. Swingin innit.
  • Albums: August 2010

    Ago 2 2010, 12h46

    So I got none last month, despite catching sight of Roman Candle by Elliott Smith in HMV, but look! Here's some now!
    Also, HMV replaced half an aisle of CDs with DVDs ages ago, but now they've changed it back, so we have A WHOLE AISLE OF CDS NOW! Which makes the tiny establishment 200x cooler!
    Although having said that they still have a rubbish range of artists. No Sugarhill Gang in the hip-hop & rap section? EUGH.

    Open Season
  • Albums: June 2010

    Jun 20 2010, 23h21

    This month is so incredibly hot, but not sexy hot. Although it has had its moments in that regard.


    This is the first MP3 album I've ever bought and I have to say, I never want to buy another again. Physical releases have so much more to them. Tangibility is so awesome.
    But that's not to say the album isn't awesome. Video Kid is so incredibly amazing it makes me want to do a weird face of utter girly glee.
    Gosh darn it Bret McKenzie is awesome.
  • Albums: May 2010

    Mai 4 2010, 22h24

    Aww yeah baby, it's birthday month!
    (Actually it's birthday day today. So yum.)

    Merriweather Post Pavilion
    Fight Softly

    Labour Days
    Sung Tongs
    Never Let Me Down
    Elliott Smith
    Figure 8
    Give Up
    One Hundred Things You Should Have Done in Bed

    I think this year's was a pretty good haul. Also, wtf, another year older. It makes me feel funny every time.

    New Moon
    From a Basement on the Hill

    So, yeah, I just spent all my birthday money on Elliott Smith. I have one more coming I think, and I also got the Flight of the Conchords radio series today. Which is awesome, obviously.


    Oh look, there it is.
  • Albums: March 2010

    Mar 9 2010, 19h51

    Uh-huh, mmm, spring is in the air, except in the U.K. where it's freezing. Come on, April, bring it.

    None Shall Pass
    Man, I love this guy. He looks awesome on my Art exam prep. brainstorm with some monkey.
  • Albums: February 2010

    Fev 26 2010, 17h58

    Bazooka Tooth

    Awww yeahhhh. <3

    A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation
    (my dad came in whilst me and my friend Kiwi were sitting watching Flight of the Conchords and handed me a mysteriously CD-esque package...)
  • Albums: January 2010

    Jan 29 2010, 21h59

    I'm still slightly excited about it being 2010, if you ever needed any evidence to support your initial impression of my lame ways. For that reason, and that it'll get confusing otherwise, the year is also noted this time around.

    Tuesday 26th:
    The Distant Future

    Wednesday 27th:
    We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes

    I doubt I'll get any more this month and I'm not sure it's so likely that I'll get any next month, either. I'm saving up for other things and am determined not to let my obsessive album/EP-collecting lead me astray. Also, next month, living in Norfolk for 3 days with my classmates as I study Geography! Awwwahhh.
    (Norfolk must be awesome, it has the word 'folk' in it.)