The Collaboration

a mixture of songs that I grew up listening to...songs that bring back alot of great memories!!

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Julianne's favorites

Here are some of my very favorite songs...

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Hair Spray Overload

This is my Hair Band Rocker play is made up of only the finest tunes spewed from the mouths of those wild haired leather-clad hotties mostly from the 80's....the bad boys that I always...

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Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks

A few that I love....

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From my irish heritage...

No shamrocks or Blarney Stone here...just great music from irish artists that I love...

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Sexy songs

Songs that might make you kiss,confess...... or maybe undress! These songs put images and thoughts in my mind that I can't help but acting upon.

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Southern Style

You may be a Wild-Eyed Country Boy if you have ever...worn a wife-beater to a social function, gone hunting at the crack 'o dawn, smashed a beer can on your forehead, fly the confederate flag,...

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