Revenge against the indie emo kids.


Jan 13 2007, 10h24

You know. It must have all started about a month ago. When I popped in a mix CD from high school and it had stuff like Tupac on it. And hip hop and R&B. And I thought... Oh my god.

And I kept on thinking, it's been a good two to three years since I've listened to any of this stuff... lately it's been a trend toward, you know... more white, and more indie music. And then I questioned myself. Did I only listen to this stuff because of the guys I've dated all listened to that crap (ok I know it's not crap).

And then I realized how SICK I was listening to that kind of stuff. Cause variety is, truly, the spice of life. I think a lot of it maybe had to do with the fact that I was back where I grew up. The me before me.

And I could not tell you how much happier listening to some of this stuff again. I forgot how much I truly LOVE this music. I used to be a pop, r&b, and hip hop kid totally.

Go Ciara, JoJo, Beyonce, Usher, Boyz II Men. We went OLD SCHOOL here.

Lately my friend has got me diggin' Losing My Way (omg yayayyaay.. definitely my type of stuff).

I had to start listening to the radio again, just to discover some of these new songs. And what happened to Nelly Furtado?! Remember I'm Like a Bird from her Whoa, Nelly! days?! You know... the song that won her a Grammy back in the day? Then she went off and started producing these weird songs... and now she's come back with some mainstream flava. It's not an image I'm used to seeing her in, but she's definitely more hip and sexy now. I like.

Say It Right is genius. I've only listened to it 9,000,000 times. And it also helps that Timbaland is some genius all on his own.

For now, I'm fine not listening to indie, mellow, etc. stuff. I'm surrounded by it all the time, and honestly, sometimes I feel like people around here try so hard to be different and to fit into this alternative culture and music that they become the same as everyone else around them. Hippies!! :P


  • Quickdive

    I wanted to post that I'm quite similar to you: Nelly's blasting on my headphones and my most played thing is Guided by Voices, but the truth is a bit different... You see, you've never really listened to indie music. You only got into the absolute mainstream of indie, which are things on The OC or on the Garden State OST. Whatever you might be thinking, you [i]always[/i] were a pop girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you. I'm a big pop enthusiast and I think you should try the album from Cassie in that genre. It would be good if you branched out a bit, though. Get out there into the true indie stuff, beginning with The Flaming Lips and The Decemberists and ending somewhere along the lines of The Knife no doubt. You said it yourself: [b]variety = spice of life[/b]! :)

    Jan 14 2007, 14h16
  • emyh

    How would you know if I've never listed to The Flaming Lips or The Decemberists? :p only tracks everything up to a certain point, it doesn't track what I listen on my iPod (you're missing a big 8-10 hours of my day), or what I listen in my car.

    Jan 14 2007, 22h46
  • Quickdive

    Well, that wasn't really the point. Those were just some loose recommendations, stuff that 90% of the people I know enjoy, regardless of their favourite genres. The whole point is simple: I think you're missing out. There's a whole world of great indie music out there, you just have to bother looking for it. And since you seem like an open-minded person, it's quite possible that you'd actually be interested in expanding your music pool. Am I very much mistaken? i might be, I have this weird thing where I misunderstand what people are posing about on the internet... I hope I'm not, because then I could give you samples of some great stuff through the one and only soulseek ^_^

    Jan 14 2007, 23h40
  • sk8rchik

    the knife isnt indie you douche

    Fev 8 2007, 0h35
  • megafrogg

    Variety IS the spice of life! My top artists may be indie/hardcore stuff, but that's because I don't listen to one hiphop artist enough to have him at the top(although Cadence Weapon is up there)!

    Fev 18 2007, 3h26
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