I Go Back There In My Mind: 2010


Dez 31 2010, 12h21

2010 was filled with lots of moments that for me really encompass I go back there in my mind

It was a great year throughout, fewer gigs than most for a number of reasons but when the quality is that good, quantity seems forgotten.

Gigs and Live Music from 2010

Note: the spaces are a new month

John Mayer and Codeine Velvet Club
Renegades aka Feeder and LightsGoBlue

Flyleaf & The Crave

Ellie Goulding & Primary 1

Emma Pollock

Tegan and Sara & Hesta Prynn

Pearl And The Puppets
Kitty The Lion, the second hand marching band, Julia and the Doogans & Martin James

The New Pornographers & Freelance Whales
Wintersleep & Curators

Warpaint & Y'all Is Fantasy Island

Jenny and Johnny & La Sera

Best of Gigs and Live Music from 2010

Band: Tegan and Sara

Female Artist: -

I could pick someone to fill this category, however it is going to remain empty simply because it should be Brandi Carlile filling this space (alas, when her European tour manages to get cancelled twice in one year it just seems 2010 was not the year to see this amazing artist live again).

Male Artist: John Mayer

Duo: Jenny and Johnny

Support: Codeine Velvet Club

Instore: Emma Pollock

Intimate Gig: Warpaint


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