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  • pink_gin

    Fantastic choice in music I love it! I also love that you buy CD's/records! I am going to get my paws on the albums above I have not got but many are my fav's from 2011 as well! :D

    Jan 16 2012, 22h30
  • TroubleAngel666

    Hey man. That picture or "cover" makes feel greedy. lol. Nice and excellent mad pic. No f words. : ] I love of the wand and the moon, and covenant(sometimes).

    Jan 18 2012, 17h41
  • janitoroflunacy

    Тибет направо липсва от класацията този път :))

    Jan 25 2012, 9h06
  • Defiler

    Everything I recognize on this list, I agree with. Time to check out the rest. Respect to a fellow actual-music-purchaser; just got the Saivo artbook/DVD-audio \m/

    Jan 27 2012, 6h28
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