another concert survey


Abr 7 2008, 4h56

List your top 10 artists on and if you've seen them live, note the number of times.
1. Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers - 35 i think
2. Matt Nathanson - 7
3. Matt Wertz - 5 or 6
4. Rob Blackledge - almost once
5. Someday Providence - probably almost 20
6. John Mayer - 5? i can't remember
7. Jon McLaughlin - 5 or 6
8. The Fray - 2
9. Pat McGee Band - 8
10. Mat Kearney - 1

How many of them have you seen?
9 out of 10. well i went to see Rob Blackledge open up for Matt Wertz but i was late so I missed his set. but he was on stage for a few songs. does that count?

Add the numbers up. How many shows is that in total?

List any artist in your top 50 that you haven't seen and has split up/died/stopped making music.
Jonathan Clay
James Morrison
Eric Hutchinson
Snow Patrol
Ben Lee
Rascal Flatts
Toby Keith
O.K. Go
Fall Out Boy
Kenny Chesney
Teddy Geiger
Joshua Radin
Dave Barnes
Bob Sinclar
Hanson < soon to be remedied ? lol
The Offpsring

i'm kinda glad i've never seen some of these. not even sure how they're in my top 50???

List any artist in your top 50 you haven't seen yet but probably will or would like to.
i will see Hansonin a few weeks
i want to see Eric Hutchinson really bad
Josh Radin & Dave Barnes would be cool.
and to see Bob Sinclar live would be awesome

How many?

Which other artists out of your top 50 have you seen live?
all of the other ones. obviously.

Are there any artists in your top 50 that you wish weren't there?
Fall Out Boy, OK Go, Teddy when do i listen to these people?

Is your most played song by your most played artist?
yup. Milwaukee


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