Favourite Tracks Ever (As of July 2012)


Fev 28 2011, 11h52


  • friday55

    Great list, Gaz. Do any house/electro/trance tunes that we used to listen to all the time even get close? ...and what's the #2 Radiohead tune?

    Mar 3 2011, 10h10
  • electrophile888

    I've just had a look through my 5-Star playlist and there are plenty of dance tunes on there but I think the only ones that make the top 20 are Walking Away (Tocadisco) or A Bit Patchy (Prydz). As for Radiohead #2, that's a tough one. Take your pick from: Creep, Street Spirit, Karma Police, Idioteque, Everything In It's Right Place, How To Disappear Completely, Reckoner, All I Need.

    Mar 3 2011, 15h32
  • electrophile888

    You should do your own list or would it hurt you too much to separate a tune from an album?

    Mar 3 2011, 15h33
  • friday55

    Arf. I do value individual tunes, I really do!

    Mar 3 2011, 15h38
  • alin1

    I like from your top these songs: Radiohead: No Surprises / Massive Attack: Teardrop / Orbital: Nothing Left (1 + 2) / The Chemical Brothers: In Dust We Trust / Röyksopp: What Else Is There? / Air: All I Need

    Mar 4 2011, 0h08
  • electrophile888

    Alin, Is that your name? Have you ever listened to Mylo? If not then you really should. The lazy ass only ever did one album but fuck what an album.

    Mar 4 2011, 12h46
  • alin1

    1. Alin is my real name (it's like Allan, but pronounced ah-lihn) 2. I know Mylo's "Destroy Rock and Roll" album (it's on my library). Also I remember the videos of Dr. Pressure & In My Arms. Strangely the song Emotion 98.6 is missing from the album's folder (that why I never heard it). PS: the song is brilliant.

    Mar 11 2011, 23h21
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