• cristopherscum

    So just pay for it. Why not, you like some one's music why not drop 89 cents to have it for yourself. I highly doubt if Kid Rock or Phil Collins need your money, but some of us broke ass barely scrapin' by artist would if nothing else, appreciate the sentiment.

    Abr 18 2008, 8h06
  • cristopherscum

    Of Course. Sorry

    Abr 18 2008, 8h16
  • electrolush

    And I'm sorry, I'm not buying Kid Rock or Phil Collin's album. I would not do that if someone took all my Sufjan Stevens albums and held them out the window. So stop going around and finding posts about downloading music just so you can bother me. I find you boorish and uninteresting. Frankly, we can put everything in perspective - I mean, I buy CDs from iTunes, songs and what have you. I buy hella used CDs at Rasputin. I buy TV shows and download them right to my computer. If you looked at the music I illegally downloaded, it would probably be less than 1% of my entire music library. Which ain't small - 60 gigs, not large by many of my friends' standards but hey, a girl does what she can. So, to sum everything up, NO I DONT HAVE MORE MONEY THAN THEY. (And it is They, not Them, just for your edification). And even if I did have more money... so what the fuck, I'm not going to buy some jangle CD just because the artist is poor. I'd buy it if I liked it. Christopherscum, I don't care about how underpaid you are as 'an artist' - you probably aren't making money because you're no good, ever think about that?

    Abr 21 2008, 16h11
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