2deep4me absolute guitar rape albentcore anti-messi avoid this music at all costs babymaking music best guitar solo ever best song ever best song ever seriously bitches dont know about mah layers black metal cabeza boys kissing boys bring the noise burpcore but does it fuck like a man caca chingocore chugga chugga chugga chuggchuggchuggchuggdjentdjentdjentchuggchuggdjentdjent contains large amounts of feedback corecore creepy shit dark ambient dat bass dat riff destroy all giiiiiiirrrrrrrrrls dhuuuun dhuuuun dhuuuun chugchugchugchug dogecore drone drunkard music elforrocore everything everything everything everything everything everything everything… flac four walls and adobe slabs for ma gurls fuck yeah fucking destruction fucking kill him fucking kill him kill them already kill them fucking with your head fußball gabbacore gaga cant handle this shit gayest song ever headbanging shit heavy as a mammoth holy dick everyone is going to fucking die holy fucking shit i came in fucking buckets i came i dream of lars ulrich being thrown through the bus window instead of my mystikal… i had to change my pants after this song i know that feel bro i like juice i miss you i talk to planets baby i think i fucked your girlfriend once i used to like this ultra shit band i would hit the drummer implying this is prog rock instrumental lady gaga last song to play before shooting yourself lo-fi lol sounds like joy division lolcore mainstream music that doesnt suck music for people with girlfriend music to burn shit to nadacore overrated hipster garbage pattoncore pedophilia plebcore post-avant-dub-proto-garagecore post-hipster post-ironic beardcore post-metal post-music post-rock progressive reggae proto-post-rock pure perfect hate really fucking loud regressive post-metal sellout shit sida sida para portenos que no quieren viajar 2 km chotos para ver fueguitos artificiales… songs that ruin albums steve albini records drums like a motherfucker stone stone stone stone stone stone stone stone stone stone stone stone stone stone… study music supreme mindfuck swagcore take a look at these hands they dont sleep anymore on the beach this is a sad fuckin song totally fucking awesome track travolta weebwobwobwobwobwobwobwobwobweebwobwobwobwobwob what is this i dont even worst song ever