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Nov 1 2009, 0h13

Take your current Top 10 artists and list the first song you heard, the one that made you fall in love and your current favourite.

My list:

1. Black Moth Super Rainbow
First song I heard: Drippy Eye
Fell in love with: Sun Lips
Current favourite: When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue

2. Animal Collective
First song I heard: Peacebone
Fell in love with: Leaf House
Current favourite: Kids On Holiday

3. Beck
First song I heard: Tough to say since I grew up on him...Definitely something from Odelay
Fell in love with: Hotwax
Current favourite: Modern Guilt

4. Kings of Leon
First song I heard: Knocked Up
Fell in love with: King Of The Rodeo
Current favourite: California Waiting

5. Elliott Smith
First song I heard: Coming Up Roses
Fell in love with: Needle in the Hay
Current favourite: L.A.

6. Why?
First song I heard: The Vowels Pt. 2
Fell in love with: By Torpedo or Crohn's
Current favourite: Sanddollars

7. Tobacco
First song I heard: Backwoods Altar
Fell in love with: Yum Yum Cult
Current favourite: Hairy Candy

8. Wolf Parade
First song I heard: Modern World
Fell in love with: Fancy Claps
Current favourite: The Grey Estates

9. The National
First song I heard: Mistaken for Strangers
Fell in love with: Brainy
Current favourite: Mr. November

10. Handsome Furs
First song I heard: Cannot Get Started
Fell in love with: Dead + Rural
Current favourite: Nyet Spasiba


  • grantyO

    My list: 1. Beck First song I heard: Loser Fell in love with: E-Pro Current favourite: The New Pollution 2. Daft Punk First song I heard: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Fell in love with: Robot Rock Current favourite: Short Circuit 3. The Beatles First song I heard: Hard to say... Fell in love with: Revolution Current favourite: Hey Bulldog 4. Led Zeppelin First song I heard: Stairway To Heaven Fell in love with: Black Dog Current favourite: Maybe something like Misty Mountain Hop... 5. Muse First song I heard: Supermassive Black Hole Fell in love with: Uprising Current favourite: Hysteria 6. Weezer First song I heard: Beverly Hills Fell in love with: Troublemaker Current favourite: Pork & Beans 7. Franz Ferdinand First song I heard: Take Me Out Fell in love with: Lucid Dreams Current favourite: The Dark Of The Matinee 8. Beastie Boys First song I heard: Sabotage Fell in love with: So What'cha Want Current favourite: Gratitude 9. OK Go... I guess First song I heard: Here It Goes Again Fell in love with: Do What You Want Current favourite: This Too Shall Pass & Get Over It 10. Nine Inch Nails First song I heard: The Hand That Feeds Fell in love with: Closer Current favourite: Um... The Hand That Feeds

    Abr 24 2010, 0h51
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