Broken Social Scene live Oct. 22


Abr 8 2007, 0h25

Sun 22 Oct – Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think
Broken Social Scene. October 22nd. With Do Make Say Think. I had never even heard of Do Make Say Think before that show. When they played, I was astounded. The had a very odd western-y twang to their songs that made them sound more like Explosions in the Sky, who are easily on my top 5 favorite bands ever list. Broken Social Scene still managed to steal the night though, and chills ran down my spine when I heard the liver versions of KC Accidental, 7/4ths Shoreline, and Anthems For A 17 Year Old Girl. But I was most astounded when they blew me away with the FAST version of Major Label Debut. I think I literally swooned when they played that.

Overall, it was an amazing amazing night.


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