Gang Of Four On Later With Jools Holland


Set 26 2009, 11h13

I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to watch legendary outfit Gang of Four perform two tracks - I Love A Man In A Uniform and the classic At Home He's a Tourist.

Despite only two of the original members (frontman Jon King and guitarist Andy Gill) performing with help from a new rhythm section it was clear that much of the angst, energy and character of the band has survived over the 30 years since their landmark Entertainment album. It was obvious that they're still really up for it, with an energetic performance.

Guest vocalist on I Love A Man In A Uniform was Eddi Reader, which seems an unlikely pairing but actually worked very well.

So a welcome return for Gang of Four and their trademark solid-state amps, spiky guitar and rock solid bottom-end.

By the way, contrary to what Jools implied it was At Home He's a Tourist that was banned by the BBC on its release. They took exception to the line "and the rubbers you hide, in your top left pocket".

If you missed it you can still catch the performance on BBC i-Player or better still see them live as they're currently on tour.

I'm kicking myself because I missed the midweek 'Later' show where Gang Of Four also performed Damaged Goods. So it's YouTube to the rescue. Enjoy...


  • austinonfire

    Outstanding...they still have that raw energy. I hadn't seen the performance of Damaged Goods. Cheers

    Set 26 2009, 21h02
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