Explosions in my heart


Abr 13 2008, 17h50

Fri 11 Apr – Explosions in the Sky, Lichens


These guys were flawless. It amazed me how they played, non stop, for an hour. They did an incredible job and their endurance was noteworthy. I did not appreciate all the kids there who, either had no clue who explosions was, or no appreciation, because there was so much talking going on and people not really paying attention. Get out of the venue if you don't care. Other than that, the guys were great and I am so glad I made the trip down to finally see them live. The sound was incredible, the showmanship was great for a band that is strictly instrumental. Can't wait for another album, and to see them live again.

The Birth and Death of the Day This song was amazing live. It started out super loud, and only got louder, which made my night :-)

The Only Moment We Were Alone This song is one of my favorites, and I waited in such anticipation for the last 2 and half minutes of the song. Unfortunately, since I think there were many people who didn't know their stuff well, there were often cheers during the quieter transition parts of the songs, including this one, and they prematurely yelled and screamed. The end of this song was just astounding.

Your Hand in Mine This was my favorite track by these guys for a long time, but it got so darn popular, and, well, you could tell, since as soon as the song started the whole entire audience began to scream. This song was delivered flawlessly. Kudos, explosions


  • tehjyank

    I agree, their performance was great. The talking and random screaming were definitely a pain. I was pretty close to one of the bars and people were randomly screaming, cheering at the worst times (usually when they thought the song was over as they apparently didn't know any of the songs) however, after the first few times I was able to drown it out and enjoy the set. I was amazed on how well they mixed their songs from each album and transitioned so well. The only the I can say I'm bummed about is that they didn't play It's Natural To Be Afraid but they played everything else I wanted to hear.

    Abr 13 2008, 23h49
  • earart

    Yeh, I had a feeling they weren't going to play one of my favorites either (Magic Hours). They did play a lot more of their newer stuff, and not too much older stuff. I was over at the bar area as well, jealous of those people on the top right balcony. The two girls infront of me were talking and texting the whole time and the one girl wouldn't stay still so I was constantly having to shift haha. But it was incredible. I agree about the transitioning, and so amazed that it was smooth and they never took a break! I wouldn't have had a problem if they had taken a break, but the fact that they didn't made them all the more impressive.

    Abr 14 2008, 0h03
  • tehjyank

    I could have sworn they played Magic Hours but I could be mistaken. I know exactly the girls you were talking about, they were right behind me and wouldn't shut up and I kept seeing the light shine from their cell phone every time they checked it. Pretty annoying. Would love to see the full set list if anyone has it.

    Abr 14 2008, 1h09
  • sinkfloridasink

    best show, still recovering

    Abr 14 2008, 2h01
  • Kid17

    I agree with everything you said, too. I thought it was amazing how they played straight through, and it was really cool how clear and precise their playing was. This was my first (and hopefully not last) Explosions show. I also had a group of about 8 highschoolers (mainly girls) cut in front of us after Lichens and before Explosions. They had headphones in, talked through it, and texted the whole time. It was obviously just a social event for them. Other than that I enjoyed the show. I hope someone puts up a setlist sometime soon.

    Abr 14 2008, 20h40
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